Thursday, April 15, 2010

conditional update

*cough cough*

what are you expecting to hear from me?


what i love about freehand drawing is that there are no patterns and no traces, you just have to draw with your controllable hand and sketch from draft and exercise your craft . from are free to explore and do something on your own that is unique and genuine leading to a subject you want to achieve.

i just define freehand from my own opinion.


i guess that would simply imply to what I am really thinking right now trying to figure out how to make things straight courageously.

sniff..cough..colds..dust. this things bother me.

i tried to escape, it keeps on coming back.

i thought sleeping all day and water therapy was cure, but it wasn’t

thanks to the bubbly people.
they made me forgot about my bother-y stuff for a moment.

ok then, this is a conditional update of my conditional sickness.


*cough cough*

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