Sunday, July 25, 2010

Effortless beauty

Walking with 3 inches above heels can elevate your confidence.
Wearing rubber shoes and flat shoes elevates your comfortableness.
Dressing outrageously can catch others attention.
Dressing simplicity makes you feel steady.

Tiis-Ganda that's what they called it.
occurs when you do things sacrificially for beauty's sake.

define your features but look effortless.
Steps to achieve it:

have your devotion and meditation.
it starts from within.

feel good about yourself.
You are what you think.
Don't exaggerate, keep it low.

Be realistic.
You can wear anything you want but be sure it's appropriate.

Wear light! wear things you can carry comfortably.

Make-up. Don't be afraid to wear make up, experiment.
Start with a good foundation that will blend to your skin or use BB cream.
A simple eyeliner and lipstick will do.

Clothes. Wear anything you can carry without regrets.

Hair.If you can't handle it, loose it! :) 

Shoes. Women loves shoes. Don't deprive yourself wearing high heels once in a while.
Enjoy being a woman.

Stop comparing. Search for your own identity .

then say Hello! :)


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