Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Party like no other this October first

Going to gigs, partying and hanging out with friends is part of the lifestyle of the youth today. From there, we get a chance to meet new people, new identities and new influences affecting the way we live our lives.

Are we surrounded with the right group of influence?

CREW is apart from the flow of what the world gives. The Christians Radically Effecting the Word’s passion is to capture the essence of radical holiness within every individual. We are driven to live with purpose deeply rooted to the truth of God’s Word. Continually growing and answering the call God placed in our hearts to bring people in His kingdom and lead them to true freedom, let them feel loved and experience life to its fullest with purpose.

Expanding our horizon to reach you, we are heading to the North!

CREW is launching FUSION service at its new location 2nd level Ever Gotesco Commonwealth making it much more accessible to you.

Party like no other this October first!
Start your October right this Saturday October 1, 2010 happening at Ever Gotesco Commonwealth.
Admission is for FREE.
For more details visit us on Facebook.

See you there!


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