Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Prime Lens for Your Iphone

Isn’t it cool to have an interchangeable lens for your iPhone? This is called the iPhone lens dial. It gives you the pleasure of taking pictures with the effect of the 3 sought after prime lenses today. We know that prime lenses like telephoto, wide-angle lens and fish eye are quite pricey. With this new iPhone attachment, you can now lessen your expense and get three primes in one with its affordable price. This is ideal for travelers and commuters who don't get a chance to bring their dslr cameras all the time.

You can now take promising images anytime and anywhere possible without too much expense like owning a dslr camera. Its not new that iPhones can be converted to dslr cameras by attaching mini lenses but this one is different. It is sleek, very handy and easy to use. Visit the photojojo store and see more interesting stuff for your hobby. They offer lots of accessories and alternative lenses for your camera.

Get images like a pro with these iPhone three-lens optical choices.
Happy Shooting iPhoneographers!

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