Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Based on Experience

I wonder why this morning I have this urge feeling to replace my desktop wallpaper. I just found it on Pinterest then casually set it as background. Then suddenly something unexpected came up, something that requires me to burst out my tears whenever my feet draw me. I always thought that a ½ pint pistachio ice cream and a pair of vanilla ice cream cone can easily release that heavy feeling but it’s not enough. I have to let go of my tears and keep going. After the freak-release momentum, I returned back to office..sit back..breathe..unlock my computer..loading..and there goes my desktop.

“Keep your head up, keep your heart strong”.

Everything has a purpose, that urge to replace my desktop wallpaper is not an accident. Funny how God moves in mysterious ways.
Based on experience.


  1. Yes Maw, keep your heart strong :)

    Clear your mind, pray, and take a deep breath... there's nothing you can't do :)

    Then, think of better plans, a brighter future... and you'll feel better na. Tiis muna konti hehehe

    1. thanks ate I for cheering me up kanina. Salamat talaga. :)


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