Monday, April 23, 2012

Warner Night at 70's Bistro

Catching up with friends with awesome eargasmic OPM music makes the late night out worth it. It was lead by the hit makers today from Warner music Philippines -General Luna, Never the Strangers, Ebe Dancel and Rico Blanco. I was accompanied by two lovely couples -Wilt and Jeff and ate Irene and Carlo.  The event was held at the 70's Bistro somewhere in Quezon City. OPM rocks! 
never the strangers lead vocalist
The band behind the moving song from close-up toothpaste commercial. "Inch by inch, we're moving closer..Feels like a fairytale ending..Take my heart, this is the moment, I'm moving closer to you."
-Moving Closer by Never the Strangers
Nicole of General Luna
Making the Pinoy rock come alive once again brought to you by General Luna, they rock as if I'm watching a full male band. Their fierceness that matched with their music skills and hot profile will surely hit globally. Nicole Asensio's demure look rocks the house with her resounding hardcore voice. Girl power!
Ebe Dancel
My sister's all time favorite Ebe Dancel. Ebe, never fails to grace the audience with his original heart mending and honest songs that anyone can easily relate and enjoy. Listening to him sometimes gives me guilty pleasure. hehe  :)
red in glance
For the finale, my favorite genuine, gifted and grounded singer/songwriter, Rico Blanco. His songs has been part of our love life history from the 90's until now. He is someone who is born to make music that lifts our Pinoy pride.
from top left down to bottom right: 1)photo canvass from the comfort room entry way 2)my sister Wilt, 3)my friend ate I.. 4)lovebirds (Irene and Carlo) 5)CR moments with sis 6)the wall art of 70s Bistro 7)snapshot with Rico after his almost two-hour insane set :p (fan ang peg) 8) red door from the bathroom going to the bar.

Let's support OPM. ^_^
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