Wednesday, April 04, 2012

When Boredom Strikes

Office computers tend to have webcams, but in reality its usability is not maximized. What to do with a lonely webcam camera in front of you?..USE IT. :) Katy (my officemate) shared this webcam toy thingy. The site offers with over 60 camera effects which you can play with and easily tweet or post on Facebook. Burst out your creativity by portraying happy and quirky poses. Here's my sample shots earlier:

killing the boredom
1)Retro filter with the my favorite tumbler
2)Trying out Snow effect with Yara's furry jacket
3)Feeling Underwater with bubbles effect reminds me of this ad "labadami labango.." hehe
4)Old Movie effect, me typing like a zombie. lols

Taking pictures of yourself somehow boost up energy in some way I can’t explain why. Try it now here. Ready? Smile!

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