Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Photography Workshop at Shutterspace Studios

Shutterspace Studios offered a free photography workshop with celebrity/fashion photographer, Raymund Isaac. The workshop encouraged us to pursue photography to the next level -to be Pro. We are first timers in this studio, and the place is pretty dope. From vinyl polished floors, neat white walls, complete lighting supply, wide white space, huge glass windows up to the precision of zen-like interior details and the nostalgic record player. 

From top left; loft studio office, DSLR's of some participants, strobe lighting equipment I would like to have, and the whole batch of participants. (taken after the Q and A session with Raymund)

Here we are. :) Photo from Shutterspace Studios

Major takeaways:

*Get inspiration from the masters
Not only from photographers, but most especially from famous paintings, illustrations, and even comic books. We browse pegs from magazines, and it's ok. Just make sure you'll create a better version of it. Think of possibilities you could get from another source.

*Never forget the basics
Start from using one light source and break the rules after mastering it. I still use my lampshade for my portraits and natural light. Not bad.

*Whatever they think, think the opposite
If anyone thinks the same, no one will stand out. So are you?

*Beauty is relative
-Anything is possible depends on your interpretation. Start setting your own standard of beauty.

*Don't rely on photoshop
I'm guilty on this, sometimes. I'll be patient. Let's make frozen moments realistic.

*Don't lose your interest
Keep learning, keep on shooting. Show your work! Be out there and make new connections and friends.

*Know how to read people
You see, you can use your psychology skills. He was sharing on how to deal with different kind of people. He sites an example, and to my surprise, he was talking about me. He read me! "She's confident that's she's  beautiful. She thought it's given and there's no need to flaunt it. That's why she's hiding it with her bangs."

*Don't be afraid to share
Not just your photographs, but also your blessings. God got your back when you give back. :)

and lastly, "Wear pink." -Raymund Isaac


  1. Wow, this is a good post, Mawhi. Hi, I'm Emily Cal, one of those who attended that day when sir Raymund shared his thoughts on photography, being in this business for such a long time and carving a name for himself in the industry.

    Thanks for reminding me of the things he discussed that day. These were practically advices for the would-be photographer. They're great. I pray for everyone's success in this endeavor, as long as we listen to what was advised to us by sir Raymund. Or some other photographer who knows his/her craft well.

    I'm still learning and will never stop learning. Thanks again for this post.

    1. Hello Emilly Cal! Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thought. It was nice to hear from a fellow photo enthusiast. Keep shooting!
      Hope we could meet again to an event like this.


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