Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Winter is Coming

fringes and braids b
fringes and braids c
fringes and braids
This look was inspired by the phenomenal medieval fantasy series, Game of Thrones. I can't deny my deepest admiration to the creators, writers, realistic production and most especially to the characters of the series. My heart is for the Starks, but my will to watch it overnight goes to the ever greedy, ruthless and fierce queen,
Cersei Lannister. 

She is willful, ambitious, and cunning in the sense that she is utterly willing to betray anyone who trusts her, or do anything to protect her own. However, she is also arrogant and self-centered to a fault. While she certainly believes herself to be a master strategist, she is extremely impatient, short-sighted, and displays poor judgement, making her actually not very skilled at manipulating enemies who openly do not trust her. In public, Cersei often tries to exude a sense of calm and regal control over her surroundings. However, when things do not go her own way Cersei's usual response is to become extremely flippant, even when the assembled Small Council is trying to give her advice which would serve her own interests. Source

 How cruel is that? If I could be bad, I could be as mad as her. Fighting not for fame or power, but for the fullness of a wonderful joyous life for my love ones.


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