Wednesday, December 11, 2013

NEW RELEASE: Library Kids Elysian EP

I easily imagine myself on a park swinging, feeling the cold December air, wearing my Sunday dress on a fine weekend morning while listening to this mellow new EP release. A Quiet Walk Inside is a good starter to set the mood of your new journey, while Clear Waters for me is an instant click for free-spirited folks. My personal favorite, And Then She Blooms caught my emotion to its aggressive yet warm sound of acoustic guitar strums, happy notes played on keys, matched with enchanting melancholic voices.

It could be your new morning playlist or could be your travelogue soundtrack. Wherever you feel like bumming in the clear waters and breezy air or turning your office ambiance to a blissful one, Elysian should be part of your playlist.

Indeed an early Christmas gift from the Library Kids.
Library Kids
Congrats Ridge and Ifrit!
Download Elysian for FREE.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Cornered at Commune Makati

I thought of Commune when I was urged to find a good place where me and long time friends could catch up, have long conversations over a good coffee, and eat real food. It is located at a nice corner lot near corporate buildings in Makati Central Business District. They are easy to find because of their good spot.

a (2 of 9)
After years of waiting for the right time, we finally got the chance to spend our Friday payday together! 

Meet Au and Yen. 
a (1 of 9)
We tried knew their sinigang na baboy na sakto ang asim and adobong manok na nakakaadik ang lasa. Okay, we haven't tried their coffee because of my "milo dinosaur" craving. Guys, thank you for giving in to my craving. :p 
a (9 of 9)
Comparing my past to where I am right now was a tough road. Looking at it was never easy, but going through it was never a regret. I thought that the key to reach a good life is to lay it down to the one who created it. Plus, you learn to love the process.
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The fun part of get-together like this were always the timeless old jokes we had, embarrassing moments we never chose to remember, lessons learned when our relationships were tested, and the truth behind the issues we thought we got over and recovered.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


PicMonkey Collage Us
More than the selfie photos we post on Instagram
More than the fats/calories we try to burn
More than the guiltless angel's burgers and other street foods we eat
More than the fresh buko juice we drink after meals
More than the chords and lyrics we argued when we’re making music
More than the times I slept in your arms every time we watch movies at night
More than the countless hair falls we have on my apartment
More than the hotpots we shared on 711
More than the indie gigs we have by request
More than the stored value tickets we lost
More than the happy trips we had with the kids
More that the shameless words of endearment on public
More than the blissful Sundays we attend at my or your church
More than the Mediterranean foods we tried to cook and puked afterwards
More than the unlimited shots we spent for my photo portfolio
More than the great albums we downloaded and shared to each other
More than the clumsiness you do every day that you never admit
More than the inside jokes we shared (like the title of this blog)
More than your awkward hand gestures when you talk
More than your girly tantrums that made me more patient
More than your metaphoric text messages that lingers before I sleep
More than your reluctant running routine
More than your tight hugs before you go home
More than your random kisses on my forehead

Our overflowing love covers all imperfections.

I want to do more things with you, Mamad.

Happy Anniversary.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Definitely a Christmas Present: Nikon Df Compact Full-frame Camera

I was eyeing to buy a full-frame camera, then I saw this today on Gizmodo. I'm a Canon user, but this Nikon's flagship full-frame sexy cam is way interesting than mirror less cameras. Nikon Df comes with a Nikkor Special Edition AF-S 50mm f/1.8G lens. Aesthetically, Df's look catches up with the current trend of vintage designs of slr film cameras, which I like.
This compact dslr camera gives you a crisp photo with its 16.2 megapixels. It seems close to my camera specs installed with a nifty-50 1.8 canon lens. What makes it way cooler aside from its light weight and full frame features is its ultra high ISO sensitivity of up to 12,800 -giving you sharper images with less noise. The only downside is, it does not shoot videos at all, making pro quality still images its main focus. Upside is it is cheaper than expected.
If I were to ask what to buy between this and a bulky full frame camera, I'd still choose the bulky one. Simply because I'm using it for business. All the more, this will definitely make me happy on Christmas day. 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Home Tour: East Tower at One Serendra Condo

Part of my day job is to shoot homes for rent and for sale around the metropolis. I'm not used to photographing houses, but now I'm starting to get the hang of it. :)
It took me 45 minutes to shoot the place with a sturdy tripod, an effortless Canon 10-22mm ultra-wide angle lens, a nifty 50mm lens to get some details,
no flashes -just ambient light, a good playlist playing in the background, and a free cookies and cream frappe on the go.

Day job is not that bad when you see something like this once in a while. 

10 2 7 4 8 5

Interior designed by Tara Capalad.
Full set here.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Photo of the Day: Together on One Stage

Amy Millan (Stars), Emily Haines (Metric) and Leslie Feist.

Looking at this picture makes me wish to be on that same emotional state. Featuring my all-time favorite vocalists, reunited in one stage for Broken Social Scene's happy reunion at V-Fest last 2006. This is something to look forward to. I'm sure it would be the greatest!

Credit to Carrie Musgrave who shot this awesome moment. 

Friday, September 06, 2013

September to Remember

Mary Whitney
This photo was taken in our apartment we now christened "Colored Blanket Studio".

If you’re curious what’s behind the name, book a photo session with us and you’ll experience the story first hand. (hard sell agad. haha..)

A little bit of history: It all started with a goal. Barely a year ago, my sister and I planned to rent a big enough space near our offices that will serve two purposes: our home away from home and as a temporary hub for my long-term project – a photo studio.

I am blessed enough to have family and friends who support and believes in my craft, and a special someone who gave me my first lighting equipment. To put it in vernacular, they are the "promotor" that pushes me to take my hobby seriously.

Everyone deserves to be photographed in their best form, so I am taking the challenge and announcing it officially: WE ARE OPEN!

Thanks to that someone who told me that I look like a yaya here, it gave me the idea of the exact attitude I want to project in this business venture: always happy to serve! :)

***Schedules are strict during weekends only.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

The Red in My Painting

You wipe every tear
You heard what I felt
I never said a word
I am tamed by your warm embrace

Smarter you are
Braver you are
I never said anything right
I am not exquisite, but with you I am.

That piece was filled
But only its surface
It was dug deep
It haunts me when I'm sunken under my sheets

Quietness surrounds fears
Stillness earns faith
Whatever we choose
There's always something you have to lose

Keep going
Keep going
Keep going
Regret makes you stupid

Keep going
Keep going
Keep going
To where your heart exactly rest.
photo by: Thomas Hawk

Thursday, August 01, 2013

ANOTHER FIRST: The XX Live in Manila

Intense. Sensual. Captivating: Feelings that kept me pumped-up while watching the XX live up-close and personal. The haunting guitar delays of Romy's subtle voice, heart skipping beat mixes by (the very-busy-like-preparing-something-in-the-kitchen) Jamie, and Oliver's sexy dance moves and hypnotic stares, were some of the highlights that moved me that night. 

XX in Manila
Opening bands were Taken By Cars and Up Dharma Down. Good choices!
After 30 more minutes..  The XX is finally is up on stage!

"Kamusta?" was the first word we heard from Oliver.
"Here I saw something I couldn't over look. I am yours now, so now I don't ever have to leave. I've been found out, so now I'll never explore." - Islands
You applied the pressure to have me crystalized. And you've got the faith that I could bring paradise.." - Crystalized
"Maybe I had said something that was wrong. Can I make it better with the lights turned on.." - Shelter
"We watched things on VCR's. With me you talked about big love. I think we're superstars, you say you think we are the best thing. " - VCR
"And everyday I'm learning about you. The things that no one else sees. Being as in love with you as I am." - Angels

The show run smoothly. It could be mistaken as a high-end fashion show because of their fierce, full-character performance matched with fabulous blinding strobe lights that swayed perfectly with their hip music. Ok, whatever.. They wrapped the night with their encore, Intro and Angels. And, finally graced us with their sweet smiles -looking overwhelmed. I would love to watch more great foreign bands play live here in Manila. I heard The Killers and Two Door Cinema Club are up next this year. Gawd! Hope tickets will not kill our savings. *cross fingers

*left-right. Me and Ahmad tamad-tamadan pose, Elaine and Mano from Fred Perry Manila with concert buddies Ems and Eric.

We watched the XX Live for FREE. How? My gifted friends showcased their talent on a Fred Perry Karaoke contest and they won Gold tickets. We're not just lucky, we are blessed. Aside from this concert, we were also given free tickets for Katy! The Musical courtesy of It was indeed a good birthday month.

Monday, July 29, 2013


We always have reasons in every situations we face everyday. Like for certain scenarios that involves you hiding what actually happened or what it really is.
To name a few, here are some of the top reasons you normally say without hesitations that are actually lies. And, the true meaning behind it.

Hello, guilty pleasure!

See more of these series on Justin Barber's portfolio page.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

VIDEO PREMIERE: Baby You're Going To Hell by Your Imaginary Friends

How to sing a song of revenge without the bitterness? That's what Your Imaginary Friends did. With their second single titled "Baby You're Going to Hell",
this sweet-looking fun video matches the catchy melody while putting a visual twist on the song’s actual lyrics. I think this is something worth watching and
listening to–so lighten up your rants and learn how to heap coals of fire on your enemy’s lovely head. Watch!

And yes, I am one of those minions who passed by.

Don't judge me. :p

Listen to Your Imaginary Friends full EP.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Me Love Heima Brixton

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon when we went to the pinners paradise, Heima Brixton. They held a mini back-to-school shindig where I've got to see how paper sculptures are made by Thursday Room's creative group. At the same time, I enjoyed the intimate live sessions by my loves and talented friends (Nights of Rizal and
Love in Athens).

I felt like a child in a toy shop, giddy and ready to play. This shop has a certain aura that easily lifts any mood. Maybe it came from the good vibes of what's written
on the walls, the colorful things that radiates positive energy, the sweetness of Mamad's stare while he sings, or the free wintermelon tea from Moonleaf -all my favorite things in one place.

For design geeks, artsy hipsters, and fun people who loves quirky stuff for their homes, this one is for you.
Welcoming wall outside

they sell interior design books
not intentional. we're just meant to be. ^_^
how about a wall canvass of your favorite album?

Alva took this. Thank you. :)
hello there gorgeous Crosley!
there he goes. :)

Love in Athens. Maria and Alva. Sweetness.


The finished product, Heima paper sculpture.


Me Love Heima

Get to know more about Heima.
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