Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Am Funemployed

I got this cool word "funemployed" from one of thought catalog's trending articles. It could mean, "it's fun being employed" or "where's the fun being unemployed?"
Whatever that is, it would be much interesting to write about putting F next to being unemployed. 

Being unemployed makes you broke, lessens your self-esteem, and worst, makes you think your worthless.This is what over thinking gets you. It might lead to depression when not handled positively. It came to me. Someone told me I am so used to it that job hopping was my thing. I'm not proud about it. Unemployment happens not only by choice, but also by chance.The only thing that you have to do is to face it and take it as a challenge.  

Make a liFe

There's a saying. "Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life." 
Don't get so preoccupied with your work. It's your break. It's your time to unwind and go to your home town.

Go back to your First love
Having a break from your monotonous job will allow you to think and see things outside the box. I'm talking about your passion. What do you really like doing? What is it that will make you boast about your hardwork? 

Be craFty
Boredom pushes you to do things that will make yourself busy. You are your own boss, no one will push you to do a certain task. This is your time to sit and make your own craft. It could be a new song, a new design concept, a new shirt to print, a new DIY project, a photograph, a new story to tell, a delicious food to share..whatever your mind drives you to unwind. Do it. Who knows? Your hobby could be your next career.

Know about Fuchsia
Stop suggesting to change the color to red when someone asked you to spell it, spell it out. I'm out of F words here. What I'm trying to say is, you'll have time to learn more things. It's ok to gain few facts and new thoughts from what you read online. But are you sure that those things you read are beneficial for your growth? Stop wasting your time on social media sites or browsing unnecessary news for the sake of chismis. 
Get Fat
Sorry that's a fact. You have all the time to open your fridge and load up your belly while watching your favorite flicks. Another thing is, you have the pleasure of sleeping all day..unlimited. What a bummer! Don't abuse these privileges. Exercise and stay fresh. 

Know your true Friends
Being broke reveals your true friends. Who stays there for you when you're alone? Who still ask you out? At this point of your life, you need a friend you can depend on. Not only for financial purposes, but for just having someone that will encourage you, help you out and pray for you.

Exercise your Faith
In all aspect of your life, faith will take you far. He will open a door somewhere else. Let God be God. He knows exactly what He is doing. He is ready and able to help you as long as you respond to him with faith.

Redefine your Fulfillment
Look at the other areas of your life aside from work. How's your relationship with your family, friends, church and with God? Sometimes you need to evaluate yourself. Get back on your track and align your life towards your goal.

Receive Favor.
God has a perfect plan in your life. He gives you his best when you trust and live your life to him. He favors you out of his deep, abiding love for you, a love that is not contingent upon any effort you put forth. Wait for it. Your next job is already waiting for you.

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