Friday, February 21, 2014

A Love Letter from My Lover

Ever dearest Mary,

Timeliness is everything.

Poets continuously defy tenses, gripping on the concept of artistic license as if they are weapon only they can wield, to keep their favorite affliction in a Matrix slow-mo sequence. They are not meant to be shelved, but rather refreshed, they will insist.

These press releases I have been working on need certain evidence of being newsworthy to earn their craved full distribution.

Everyone wants everything to stay beautifully in this big “now.”

Then pause.

Press play. Repeat.

I am guilty of such affliction.

There is nothing wrong with adoring the present tense, but I have always been that guy who took “now” to a date and made a whore out of it. One bruise into another, I stretched my luck to fit that usual romantic notion of being swept off my feet by a pixie dream girl.

To finally claim my own Ramona Flowers, minus the evil exes. A Summer Finn, without the borderline tendencies.

Funny how it took me 5 years after my separation from my ex-wife to realize that I have been longing for a prize that does not exist.

I was simply tired of looking.

Then there, you came into the picture.

What a timely entrance, Mary. A sound engineer could have cued a cringe-inducing Stephen Bishop classic and it would still be as perfect.

7 months into my self-proposed hibernation, I finally fleshed out some courage to say “hi” through chat. Liking your photos and following your blog started to become creepy, I reasoned to myself. A lame ass joke about the Big Bang Theory, and a double entendre about “giving you a ring” sped off our conversations from mundane to mushy.

Do you remember, Mary?

Funny how easily I can shed off that stereotypical machismo that feminists have been preying on for decades when I am with you. And how we are overly passionate for each other’s passion, like it is our second skin.

A lot of records have been played and danced on, and a lot of Buffalo wings have been massacred in the process, and we are still on the roll - a not so usual occurrence in my life.

This made me realize that those bleeding heart poets are right. And yes, maybe those god damn press releases too.

Timeliness is a big part of everything to work, but I don’t need to stretch myself too thinly anymore, because Mary, you are enough for me.

Everything that is “us” has always been about seizing the “now.”

Yes, you may not be Ramona, or even close to Summer (except for that hipster bangs), but I guess I found someone better.

And real.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Highlights of My Year 2013

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