Thursday, March 24, 2016

Beach Love: 10 Things To Keep in Mind Before Going to Cagbalete Island

Cagbalete Island is a calm and balmy beach. It's still considered as one of the untouched white beaches near Metro Manila recommended for a quick getaway with friends - affordable resort accommodations, uncrowded, friendly locals, safe, and the beach is clearer. A tamed Boracay for me.
cagbalete island shore
If you're planning to go there, try to stay at least 2 days. There's nothing much to do there, actually. But the serenity of this beach is promising. Let you mind wander, appreciate the scenery, and feel the breeze.

Make sure to do these things before heading to Cagbalete Island.

1. Bring your own tent.
It would be cheaper if you’ll bring your own. You’ll only pay for the tent space fee. Also, it’s less hassle for tent reservations.

2. Know which resort you’ll stay. There are decent resorts in the island. We were impulsive. We had reservations late, so we ended up at Villa Noe. The place is quite developed that the others. They offer recreation activities such as kayaks, snorkeling and island hopping. Plus, they offer catering too.

3. Take the groceries at Palengke sa Mauban Port. 
You are going to the beach to swim, sleep, eat, take picture, eat, and sleep. You’ll need foods for your activities. There’s a cook at the resort, just supply them the groceries you’ll need for your daily menu and give them a good tip.

4. Catch the public boat going to Cagbalete island.
It’s way way cheaper compared to a private boat ride to the island. 50 pesos vs 1,800 pesos? Arrive early and wait patiently. 

5. Imagine a public restroom with installed showers.
That’s what you’ll get. Don’t worry, the water is clean, you’ll not feel sticky after you take a shower. ( There are frogs at night. Make sure to carry a flash light)

6. Find a good spot for your tent. The weather at night is not too windy or cold. So, it’s better to place your tents near the shore. Follow where the wind is flowing. Find that spot to get a good night sleep.

7. Make sure to ziplock your tents. There’s something that might bother you in the middle of the night.. CRABLETS! I panicked when I felt something crawled at the back of my shoulders. It’s hard to find that sneaky crablet. We have to shake the whole tent, remove our stuff, just to get rid of it.

8. Be mindful of the low and high tide.
You cannot fully enjoy the beach if you don’t know the schedule of the tides. Leave the beach early before you catch the low tide. You’ll end up walking at the middle of the sea just to reach where the boat will not sink.

9. Go island hopping.
You have to see the picturesque mangroves and the super fine sandbar before noon.

10. Be open to meet new friends.
Yes we met friends. It started when we looked for two shared the boat ride for island hopping and snorkeling. Be friendly. Start taking the initiative to take a picture of them.

You're all set! Tell me about your trip, soon. :)
See more photos of our trip.

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