I listen to music that directly hit the listeners what they feel, what they want to express and sympathize with them. With the artists that create music, not for the sake of money and fame, but for their passion. 

Brooke Fraser

First seen her with the Hillsongs singing Hossanna. Not aware she was in the music industry way back 2003. I was inspired on how she writes songs and how she exhales the breath of her heart close to God and to people to bring inspiration.

Favorite songs:
I will exalt you
His glory appears
Love is waiting
Deciphering Me
Without You

Check out her site.

Ingrid Michaelson
This indie-pop-songwriter-singer from New York creates specific music for specific purposes. She aims to hit exactly what your mind and feelings can’t express. Her music is encouraging and true.

Favorite Songs:
Be OK, Giving up, You and I, Sort of, Winter Song, Oh what a day

Check out her site.


If only God could give me one wish that will change my life, I would wish to have Feist's ethereal voice. This singer/songwriter melancholic vocals enthralls and haunts me whenever I feel like isolating myself apart from reality. Her music soothes my mood and suits my free-spirited being. I just love her.

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