Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cool and Affordable Camera Straps

After lunch, whenever we still have extra time, we walk around Eastwood and go to Bazaar. That time we were just looking for gifts for our monito monita until I found this. I'm loving my new camera straps. I bought three just because I cant decide which of these three fashionable straps strikes the most and.. because they gave me a VERY GOOD discount so..I purchased three. *claps
I immediately tried it on Katas (canon500d) and Hidalgo(Holga).
The first shot is for Hidalgo with the Floral Hippie Strap.
Compared to canon straps, its quite thicker and fashionable. It has the same stitches with standard straps na mukang matibay. The width of the camera strap is same to guitar straps.Im already using the Pink cushioned Leather Strap for Katas, the Floral for Hidalgo and the Brown Suede for my future,,Leica M9??? haha asa.

You can find these cool straps at The Camera Strap Project. The price ranges from 300 to 350 php. Hope you find your match. :)

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