Friday, April 13, 2012

Summer Wanderlust at Tondol Beach

What to do with one of the longest holiday of the year?.. Its time for family bonding, home bumming and beach swimming?! yay. I was longing to go to this beach. I invited friends to come along but they also want to spend their time with their family. I really really want to go there. I’ve read blogs, reviews and articles just to make sure I can go there with much knowledge and readiness all by myself. I am blessed to have the coolest mom because she made a decision to come with me with the whole family..and that made all of us so excited.
beach entrance
The entry way that will welcome you when you get there. When I saw this nabura pagod ko sa byahe. wow Lord.. :)
Nipa and the blue
We arrived there around 1pm and its 'low tide'. Just in time to witness the splendor of the white sand beach. Onti nalng Maldives na! haha.
I got so excited to take pictures! (may kasama pang nginig sa sobrang excitement. haha..) My younger brothers nagpalit agad ng pang langoy. Ang sarap tumapak at tumakbo sa sobrang pino at lambot na sand.
my brother always with peace
My youngest and uber bibbo brother, Rainer. :)
Tondol beach
The photos are quite overexposed and I'm also overexposed under the sun! The skies were clear..salong salo mo yung init. Thanks to my sister who manage to re-apply sunblock maya't maya. 

sisterly loved
First photo taken with my lovely sister, Wilt. We set the camera on timer so we can freely move naturally. 
orange and purple visibility
"Be still and know that I am God" -Psalm 46:10. I found rest in His presence. As I watched the calming view and listen to soft waves hitting the shore..God reminded me to trust Him more completely. He made the beach so beautiful, detailed in every way and crafted it excellently. How much more our life? Let Him take over.

at the back of the island
Watching the sunset is overwhelming. This natural wonder is just a glimpse of God's awesomeness. Taking this photo while riding on a boat with calm waters and misty wind calms my soul. 
before sundown
We hopped on the island near the beach to witness the sunset more intimately. Of course, its also time to get photo opportunities. This silhouette is my sister. 
We rented a place facing the beach called Star Inn. The room rates are from 700-2,500 php per nyt. Rooms are similar to apartment type we normally see.We stayed 2 days and a night. Mejo bitin pero ok parin because we are required to make the most of it. (walang pahingang pag-explore at walng humpay na dora mode..haha). What I love about the beach? wala masyadong tao..hindi crowded like mainstream beaches na kailangan mo pang manghawi ng tao to get pictures.haha; Tahimik, spell unwind? wala masyadong nagpapatugtog ng mga party songs..chill na chill lang. Hospitable people, parang lahat ng nakakasalubong ko na taga doon palangiti?..hehe. My sister's boyfriend got stung by a huge jellyfish. Manang cooking near the shore gave him first aid agad, may kasama pang lecture at sermon na tunog nanay ng very light. The cons of the beach? Since its not yet fully developed, may mga part ng beach na maraming halamang dagat na nakakalat sa pampang. Water source, madaming mga suking tindihan dun pero hindi ko trip yung lasa ng tubig nila. Safer siguro mag softdrinks ka na lang or better magbaon ng gallons of distilled water. Wala pa masyadong restaurants and hang-out place. And lastly..ang LAYO. haha..

Will I go back? Absolutely yes! ^_^

How to get there:
It took us 6-8 hours to get there. Excluded the hours we waited for the Bus going to Alaminos.
Take Victory Liner (Cubao) byaheng Alaminos -ticket rate 393php aircon. Isang stop over lang sa Victory Liner (Tarlac). After long hours of sleep, butt burning travel time and endless view of wide rice fields mala-Farm Ville, you will reach the Alaminos bound (where the trip to Alaminos bus ends). From there, take a walk to find a jeepney going to Anda. Pwede magtanong-tanong, libre. Wag lang papa-uto sa mga tricycle drivers na willing to help ang peg pero hindi naman talaga. Haha. Instead, ask vendors or better security guards or mga tanod. Keep walking forward until you reach Alaminos Auditorium.  Dun ang sakayan ng jeep going to Anda. Then from Anda take a tricycle going to Tondol Beach. (Jeep fare 50 plus php tas tricycle 30 each). 9pax kami, much better and efficient to rent a jeep ‘til Tondol beach. 1k plus lang balikan plus you have the assurance na may masasakyan ka pabalik to Alaminos.

What you need:
Eagerness to experience new things
Excitement that never ends
Expectant heart to catch what God will reveal to you

Finding this awesome beach with a bunch of unfailing smiles, unlimited excitement and unforgettable experience with my most beloved family makes the trip full package summer wanderlust.

God made this beach so awesome and amazing how much more your life?
Life is not about finding yourself, its creating yourself. -Oscar Wilde
always remember to create oneself into His image.


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    1. thanks te jay! sa Anda, Pangasinan. awesomeness talaga. ^_^


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