Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Guess Who's Stalking

We recently had this cute little dog from my mom’s office mate named Nash, so instantly she named her Nashy. This puppy is so little, quite fragile, and irresistible. I can't get rid of pinching her tiny legs and cold nose. My younger sis and brothers keep on lifting her like a new born baby. Just cuddly! ^_^


As I watched her sniffed on my bed, it gave me a thought of how people sneaks on someone’s identity. Top of mind?.. Facebook stalking. Today, anyone has a potential of getting the job of a private detective. haha..how? its just a click away. They can easily track someone else endeavors  by browsing through his/her page, judging the person based on photographs posted, or easily
get to know the person deeper by simple reading his/her insights.
nashy close up

I'm guilty of that. I admit every time I got to know someone new,.. I google bigtime! (but its not a continuous process). I do that just to know them better or sometimes out of curiosity. Trust me. :)

When you're doing it for these reasons;

*continually monitoring him/her
*making false accusations
*making threats
*gathering info to harass
*identity theft
..it makes you a certified cyber stalker.

Please, don't be like one.

Let's respect and accept our differences.
Better to be extra careful, be on guard and be responsible with our posts.
Now, if you want to know who's staking you? read this article.

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