Monday, December 10, 2012

"Your Silence is the Villain" MV Launch by Your Imaginary Friends

It’s been a while since my last post about my night wanderings, and I miss it! I can’t promise to blog all the gigs, events and happenings I’ve been to, but this post.. 
I can’t resist to share. Your Imaginary Friends’ awaken my senses to blog again about music. Part of my new beginning is witnessing their journey, and I'm so proud what they have come up with. Swabe eh.

Anyway, the happiness and excitement of their listeners, followers, supporters, and friends who came over that night was contagious. We all waited for this. All hearts and cheers for a night of celebration. Let's wave for their success! :)

Ness Urian
The Gentle Isolation
Stolen Shots
Stolen Shots
Brian Josef
The Charmes
Musical O
Musical O
Ahmad Tanji
See more pictures here

This is it! The long wait is over. Let's welcome the new milestone of Your Imaginary Friends. Here’s the new track for your laslas pulso moments. You'll never be silent after hearing this. Or else, you will be a villain. Charaught! ^_^


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