Friday, September 06, 2013

September to Remember

Mary Whitney
This photo was taken in our apartment we now christened "Colored Blanket Studio".

If you’re curious what’s behind the name, book a photo session with us and you’ll experience the story first hand. (hard sell agad. haha..)

A little bit of history: It all started with a goal. Barely a year ago, my sister and I planned to rent a big enough space near our offices that will serve two purposes: our home away from home and as a temporary hub for my long-term project – a photo studio.

I am blessed enough to have family and friends who support and believes in my craft, and a special someone who gave me my first lighting equipment. To put it in vernacular, they are the "promotor" that pushes me to take my hobby seriously.

Everyone deserves to be photographed in their best form, so I am taking the challenge and announcing it officially: WE ARE OPEN!

Thanks to that someone who told me that I look like a yaya here, it gave me the idea of the exact attitude I want to project in this business venture: always happy to serve! :)

***Schedules are strict during weekends only.

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