Thursday, November 21, 2013


PicMonkey Collage Us
More than the selfie photos we post on Instagram
More than the fats/calories we try to burn
More than the guiltless angel's burgers and other street foods we eat
More than the fresh buko juice we drink after meals
More than the chords and lyrics we argued when we’re making music
More than the times I slept in your arms every time we watch movies at night
More than the countless hair falls we have on my apartment
More than the hotpots we shared on 711
More than the indie gigs we have by request
More than the stored value tickets we lost
More than the happy trips we had with the kids
More that the shameless words of endearment on public
More than the blissful Sundays we attend at my or your church
More than the Mediterranean foods we tried to cook and puked afterwards
More than the unlimited shots we spent for my photo portfolio
More than the great albums we downloaded and shared to each other
More than the clumsiness you do every day that you never admit
More than the inside jokes we shared (like the title of this blog)
More than your awkward hand gestures when you talk
More than your girly tantrums that made me more patient
More than your metaphoric text messages that lingers before I sleep
More than your reluctant running routine
More than your tight hugs before you go home
More than your random kisses on my forehead

Our overflowing love covers all imperfections.

I want to do more things with you, Mamad.

Happy Anniversary.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Definitely a Christmas Present: Nikon Df Compact Full-frame Camera

I was eyeing to buy a full-frame camera, then I saw this today on Gizmodo. I'm a Canon user, but this Nikon's flagship full-frame sexy cam is way interesting than mirror less cameras. Nikon Df comes with a Nikkor Special Edition AF-S 50mm f/1.8G lens. Aesthetically, Df's look catches up with the current trend of vintage designs of slr film cameras, which I like.
This compact dslr camera gives you a crisp photo with its 16.2 megapixels. It seems close to my camera specs installed with a nifty-50 1.8 canon lens. What makes it way cooler aside from its light weight and full frame features is its ultra high ISO sensitivity of up to 12,800 -giving you sharper images with less noise. The only downside is, it does not shoot videos at all, making pro quality still images its main focus. Upside is it is cheaper than expected.
If I were to ask what to buy between this and a bulky full frame camera, I'd still choose the bulky one. Simply because I'm using it for business. All the more, this will definitely make me happy on Christmas day. 

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