Thursday, December 05, 2013

Cornered at Commune Makati

I thought of Commune when I was urged to find a good place where me and long time friends could catch up, have long conversations over a good coffee, and eat real food. It is located at a nice corner lot near corporate buildings in Makati Central Business District. They are easy to find because of their good spot.

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After years of waiting for the right time, we finally got the chance to spend our Friday payday together! 

Meet Au and Yen. 
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We tried knew their sinigang na baboy na sakto ang asim and adobong manok na nakakaadik ang lasa. Okay, we haven't tried their coffee because of my "milo dinosaur" craving. Guys, thank you for giving in to my craving. :p 
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Comparing my past to where I am right now was a tough road. Looking at it was never easy, but going through it was never a regret. I thought that the key to reach a good life is to lay it down to the one who created it. Plus, you learn to love the process.
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The fun part of get-together like this were always the timeless old jokes we had, embarrassing moments we never chose to remember, lessons learned when our relationships were tested, and the truth behind the issues we thought we got over and recovered.

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  1. I love this place! Especially the wall paintings and the pork adobo. :)


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