Wednesday, December 11, 2013

NEW RELEASE: Library Kids Elysian EP

I easily imagine myself on a park swinging, feeling the cold December air, wearing my Sunday dress on a fine weekend morning while listening to this mellow new EP release. A Quiet Walk Inside is a good starter to set the mood of your new journey, while Clear Waters for me is an instant click for free-spirited folks. My personal favorite, And Then She Blooms caught my emotion to its aggressive yet warm sound of acoustic guitar strums, happy notes played on keys, matched with enchanting melancholic voices.

It could be your new morning playlist or could be your travelogue soundtrack. Wherever you feel like bumming in the clear waters and breezy air or turning your office ambiance to a blissful one, Elysian should be part of your playlist.

Indeed an early Christmas gift from the Library Kids.
Library Kids
Congrats Ridge and Ifrit!
Download Elysian for FREE.

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