Saturday, March 12, 2011

I want to make dreams while I'm awake.

dreamy afternoon

Monday, March 07, 2011

PAALAM PILIPINAS Sugarfree last concert

Date: March 1
Dated: Must be someone
End up reminiscing...

Their songs was realistic,pure and heartfelt. No wonder why a lot of people love their music.
They don't just love it, they live with it.
I was thinking what makes their songs remarkable?
Well, I guess, it's the memories in it whenever you hear your favorite songs.

Songs that made my life more meaningful:

Wala ng Hihilingin
Kung ayaw mo na sakin
Wag ka ng umiyak

The concert was held at Eastwood City, Libis. It was raining, the night was cold, but the hearts of the people who stayed under the rain gives warmth to the those lonely hearts longing for peace and freedom. This night turned out a place where each hearts joined as one, a manifestation of their gratitude to the band who touched their lives.

"parang atin ang gabi..para bang wala tayong parang hindi na tayo bibitaw.."

I know I will be standing right next to the VIP's. I've already saw it in my dream before the event.

Ebe did not sang that much, the crowd does.

Their songs were so real. Felt like I was traveling in time with the memories I had in their songs.
He sang one of my favorite, wala ng hihilingin.

"kapit lang sa akin..kapit lang sa akin..hindi kita bibitawan.."
- wag ka ng umiyak
 still, I cried.

 Lazy shot. I was trying to get close-up of Ebe, then I saw the LCD.
Lucky shot = Fisheye "kuno"

I will always treasure their songs.
Thank you SUGARFREE for sharing your gift.

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