Thursday, November 24, 2011


Making this post while singing along with Spongebob's “Santa’s coming tonight tonight..Santa’s coming toniiight..” excites me more for the coming merry Christmas! It’s the time of the year where everybody’s very beesy preparing for the get-together, shopping for discounts, wrapping gifts, and budgeting! Hopefully I can gather up lots of mulah. I wish I can take my family to London’s Eye. It will come but for now, I’m saving for an alternative route where I can bring them very close to my plan. And for my wishlist..,I know God will provide. ^_^
1) MacBook Pro 13” 2.8 GHz that will make my work life easier and faster. 2) A timeless and classic watch for everyday use. Hopefully my consecutive 10 minutes late would lessen.
3)The Union Street ubiquitous camera and laptop bag from ONA. This will serve as my utility bag.
4)The crappy montage look I made is included from H2T (head2toe). ^_^

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