Friday, March 23, 2012

Top 10 Must-Have Camera Apps for FREE

Summer is here and its the happiest season to capture every shared moments under the sun. Make treasures that will last for a lifetime with these camera apps for FREE. Enjoy. ^_^

It is one of the main reason why I bought Whitey. No wonder why it is the top ranking camera app around the globe with having more than 15 million happy users. It allows you to take pictures instantly with filter presets you can choose from and instantly share it to your social networking sites like twitter and facebook.
Let's share picture together on instagram just follow mawexistence. :)

This app sadly refrains me from using my Holga film camera. It  surprisingly pushes me back to take more pictures everyday!
Film photography is an expensive hobby, but with this you can freely take pictures unlimited. No need to worry about buying films and the post process of developing it because its digital. It like having 8-in-1 film camera app. You can choose from 
Light Leak, Lemeleme Classic, Action4, Super4, Double Exposure, Fisheye, Tilt Shift, Color Flash with their respective lenses and different frames. All toy cameras in one app. Awesome.

If you feel like taking nostalgic photos then this app is for you. Vintage Camera app has been downloaded by more than million users. This app is my favorite when I feel like taking photos mala-"almost famous" ang peg, very 70's and hippie. 
Feeling old-fashioned? Create different characters of your friends. Gussy yourself up like WHM (Whalen,Hennig & Merritt) creative style. Make new characters and identity by putting mustache, geeky glasses,bow ties, hats and other accessories available that will matched their style to their pictures and finished up with their provided title captions you can choose from.
An app that makes fantastic processed photos. If you are not skilled with Photoshop or editing photos, then this is your tool for creating spectacular images. This fun and simple darkroom app makes it easy to add an effect, overlay and border to get that retro, grunge, clean or stylish look..move in 3 snaps!
Go try it
online and make your new profile pic. 
6. Color Splash
Let your favorite color stand out in every picture you take. Convert to black and white then highlight the spots you want to bring out its detailed colors. Simple and interesting.

Camera Awesome takes your photos to the next level by shooting fast and taking sharper, better-exposed shots. Make your memories come to life with stunning professional effects.

8. Camera 360 Ultimate
Get a new fresh experience turning ordinary images to an amazing photo. Camera 360 is a world’s favorite application software for mobile photo photography, it will let your photo taken by mobile photo more charming, interesting and funny. 
9. CineCam (video)If you love film videography, this app will make you do number of flicks in a day. Filled with features you need from lens, filters and other effects that will turn ordinary videos cinema worthy. Try filming a spoof of your favorite action movie lines.

10. Kinotopic (cinemagraphs)
Another popular camera app that will drool you over. Kinotopic lets you create cinemagraphs or "kinos" in which a minor and repeated movement occurs in an image. See samples here.

I haven't mentioned Incredibooth to the top 10 because its no longer free.This app is a quick memory snapper!
To catch more free apps on limited time offers, always get updates from the App Store.

Hope you enjoy these apps and make the most of it. 

Happy shooting!


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