Wednesday, May 30, 2012

College collage

The two places where I spent some of my savings during college days were at Quaipo and Divisoria. It is also the busiest market place in Manila where you can find anything you need for school,home or business -all at low price. It's also my favorite place for photo walks, hello street photography. hehe.. Since all my expenses were on budget during that time, this is where I got my best buy trendy shoes, everyday school wear, things I need for my projects, supplies for artsy stuff, and camera necessities.

Going here with May (my younger sister that will soon be in college) again gave me instant thoughts of moments I had with selected patient people I spent time with.
Hello guys! (you know who you are) ^_^

College life in Manila won't be complete without these places being part of it.

"Ate, babalik ako dito lagi!"

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