Friday, June 15, 2012

How to Make a DIY Photo Collage

After pinning on Pinterest for a couple of months, I decided to apply what I learned from vast DIY projects. I created this photo collage poster from used canvas and old magazines. For a more defined output, begin with blank and white picture cut-outs. It looks more sophisticated. Here's my finished product. :)

Materials you need: textile paint, scissors, electrical tape, magazines, old canvas or if you have none you can use an illustration board, and good music background. ^_^

5 Easy Steps
1. Start with a clean canvas
Use the red textile paint to color the edges of your old canvas to give it a new look. You can use any color you want. What I like about textile paint is its compatibility to all crafty projects like t-shirt printing, shoe painting and etc.. Also, it is water-based so its easier to clean. I only use a toothbrush to paint this. :p
If you're using an illustration board, it's not necessary to paint it. Just choose a 1/4 (15"x20") size board.
2. Collect your pegs
Start browsing the magazines you have and start cutting out pictures you want to include to your photo collage. Another choice, you can also print images from the web or might as well use your pictures.
3. Make your layout
After picking out the best pictures, fix the photo layout to your canvas or board. Don't get so puzzled trying to fit in all the pictures. Choose what blends perfectly together. You can use the scissors to crop some images and fit them accordingly.
4. Fix the Collage
For a more neat layout, use the electrical tape to make an an illusion of framed pictures. Cut the tapes through the back of the board to stick it.
5. Brag It
Now, you can post it to your empty wall. Place it to your favorite spot.



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