Saturday, August 25, 2012

Define Cafea

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A place to chill near our office, Cafea Restaurant. The cozy-uncrowded cafe feels like home to me. I can slouch, browse the web unlimited with their fast wi-fi, can request for food without standing, can take a quick nap, can watch films, and can burn time after hours. I only tried their Serendipity Iced Coffee, a sweetly blended coffee fresh from the grind with vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip on top.

If you are looking for a welcoming lovely space that is meant for good conversation, lazy afternoon and serious relaxation,
there you have it!


  1. beautiful pictures! such pretty places with coffee and wine ready to be enjoyed, become my best friends!

    1. thank you Leticia! I'm reading your blogs, too.

      you are so welcome to be one of my best friends! keep in touch.

  2. such a perfect place to spend lazy sunday:)

  3. Nice shots, i miss this place, i used to work in cafea celebrity as a barista more than 10 years back, great to know that the store is still beautiful as it was. Serendipity, Putanesca, Kebabs and Steaks. mmmm! There you have it guys!


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