Sunday, February 17, 2013

When Stars Crashed in Manila

I have this fascination about anything related to stars, and it became more legit after knowing that there's an indie band that sounded close to my heartbeat called Stars. The movie Like Crazy moved me to find Stars.. and it was love at first listen. I've been longing to watch and hear them live. And here they are!

Watching Stars live was the best celebration of heart's day so far. The first time to catch them live, the pleasure to shoot them up close with my camera, comfy chucks and jeans to go, with crowd that feels the same sentiment with their songs, and a debonair hipster date made the night almost perfect.
Thank you Mamad for making it possible. ^_^
Stars LIVE in Manila
"There's been a lot of talk of love.. But that don't amount to nothing.You can evolve the stars above..But that doesn't make it something..And the only way to last..
And the only way to live it. Is to hold on when you get love, And let go when you give it.. give it " 
- Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It
Stars in Bloom
"There's one thing I have to say so I'll be brave..You were what I wanted..I gave what I gave..I'm not sorry I met you..
I'm not sorry it's over..I'm not sorry there's nothing to save.." -Your Ex Lover is Dead
Midnight Coward
"When did I grow up?..I don't want to say too much..I'll be the first to leave.
What can't be decided..In the morning it will bring itself to you..What can't be decided..Can fool you into thinking maybe you can choose."
-Midnight Coward

 Watch it here.
that moment
"I could say it but you wont believe me..You say you do but you don't deceive me..It's hard to know they're out there.It's hard to know that you still care.."
-Dead Hearts 
Amy Millan
"And to this day, when everything breaks, you are the anchor that holds me..All the things you say, the way you shift your eyes
I never knew there was someone, to make me come alive." - My Favourite Book
Mind and soul1
Torquil is theatrical. The songs they played felt like it just came out right there. It was so real.
melodica comes in
The melodica gave me chills. 
jazz guitars
Yes to the guitars. 
"I'm tired of what I do..Turn the heat on early..It'll be cold when I get through..It has to go right this time..It has to go right." 
-The 400

"Oceans won't freeze..So loosen your heart..Underestimated..Undefeated in this love..We will always be a light." -Ageless Beauty

Super Sulit! (though we didn't catch Ciudad and Outerhope on stage. huhu..) We did asked for more! Stars warmly graced us with 20 plus songs including my favorites; Midnight Coward, Your Ex-Lover is Dead, Walls, The North, Calendar Girl, Ageless Beauty, Do You Want to Die Together?, Dead Hearts, Take Me The Riot, and My Favourite Book. Their songs revealed true stories about relationships. From friendship, falling in love, heartaches, fights, to moving on stage..anything in between -all in detailed and real. Their music just moved me.

We have our own bands here that also deserves the warmth we give to foreign artists. Keep supporting. Indie music deserves to be heard. :)

Monday, February 04, 2013

Lovely February

from FreePeople
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