Monday, April 26, 2010

Are you a wild flower?

You are a flamboyant, stylish person.
You like the flare of music and art, and you are very creative and sophisticated.
You like traveling, but you also like having anchorage in a home place.
You also have very creative dreams to share and talk about.
You are humorous but not in a way that's loud and obnoxious.
Your personality is medium and easy to be friends with, but sometimes, the other person might get annoyed by your pickiness.
You have a tendency to point out the fault of others and to be criticizing when things don't go your way.
You have generally nice relationships with other people, but you only keep one or two close to you for true secrets.

this is 90% true.

-got this personality test result forwarded by a friend.

what i like about wild flower is that..

"its growing where it would not naturally."

You can grow whenever if you choose to.
It comes out naturally.
It comes from you.

Keep on growing wild flowers!

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