Thursday, June 24, 2010

Whattah face?! -Toy Story 3 review

" Whattah Face?!"

I never thought watching these funny faces characters left me in tears!

Andy (owner of  the toys) is all grown up and he's leaving for college. Now, how about the toys? 
He will not be needing those toys anymore.Will he keep them? Donate them? or just put them in junk? 
So, how will these toys be played again? 
And that's where the story begins.

The characters in the flick were more entertaining and funnier. I love it where BUZZ lightyear was switched-on to Spanish mode and how he kick his ass off. Lots'O the strawberry-scented bear; meek outside but dark inside. Mr.&Mrs.Potato Head; on how they transformed into a super-agents by their detachable body parts. Barbie and Ken; where Ken was more vain and fabulous than Barbie. The orphans! (haha..) Chuckles; the clown with a mad face (who sounds like Rorschach from The Watchmen) on storytelling their adventure on how they get abandoned. Jesse: showing how annoying a girl can be and accepting her faults in the end. Andy; how he gets matured,appreciative and how he introduced each of his toys to--Bonnie; the cute-little-funny-freckled-cheek girl, the new owner of the Toys.And of course, Woody.

He was the only toy Andy wants to take with. But he refrained from going with him. He never turned back from his friends whom he called his family. It was never easy for him. Even the the gang turned their backs to him.The adventure was different. It has many twist. Being lost, saving the whole gang from Sunnyside, helping a traitor and finding the one new-rightful owner.Bonnie.
I was amazed on how he faced the phase of letting go and embracing the new life without any regrets. 
And how Andy appreciated each of the toy telling how much thy mean to him.
( ..and tears started to fall..)

I can see myself in his character. Of being one of the craziest in the gang, meant to have a strong personality and yet having trouble when it comes to decision-making on choosing between love ones.

Watching as kid of a child-oriented flick is quite different watching as a grown up.
As a kid, all you have to do is to watch the movie by observing their actions carefully so you'll know when to laugh and act like the characters. As a grown up, your not just observing their actions, you can now understand more the words that they say, more attached to the characters and have full understanding what the movie is all about.

 This very moving-tearjerker-heartfelt movie is a must see!

You'll get the whattah face?! reaction from others coz' you'll find yourself crying and laughing out of it.
This will make you crazy.

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