Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Indie night at Route 196

Friday night is the best night to hang out after a long weekday in the office. Halloween party is everywhere, got invites from several parties around the metro but I choose to go here to where exactly my mood wants to be. Its at Route 196, the Light the Right One In (a Halloween costume party) by POPshoppe.

The mood setters: The Gentle Isolation, Your Imaginary Friends, Dirty Hate, The Bernadette's, Tey's Revenge, and The Camerawalls.

The Gentle Isolation
The Gentle Isolation for the opening. They are consistently soothing and dreamy. 
Dirty Hate
The Dirty Hate made their presence intense with their original compositions.
"Ohw meyn!" -Jon as Dora the explorer
Ernest Perez of Tey's Revenge
Ernest Perez of Tey's Revenge covered songs from the crowds favorite band The Cure.
"Kami ang Kabaong ng Your Imaginary Friends."- Ahmad
Here's Your Imaginary Friends giving justice to their costumes.
Hardcore sabay banat ng "Hey,Rowena". lols. I enjoyed this set.
Ahmad Tanji Lead Vocals/ Guitarist of Your Imaginary Friends
Cupcakes for the Birthday celebrants 
The Bernadettes
The Camerawalls
The last performance for the night, The Camerawalls 

 Clementine in his Mummy costume playing the guitar with his signature moves and melancholic vocals.
We had a good night at Route 196.
Superman took this picture of me.
Hello Superman.

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