Friday, October 14, 2011

Solution for Consecutive Days of Tardiness

Old School alarm clock vibrates terribly and its ring sinks to your ears. It forces you to get up and throw it down wherever your hands would go. lols. Cellphone alarm spoils you by its tempting snooze feature. It allows you to take a quick nap in minutes -using it to the extent and making it a habit results to tardiness.
What would happen if you combine the two?

Here's the combination of old school and modern living. If you really cant get rid of your iPhone or iPod, you can choose this very interesting Retro Dock alarm clock. Personalize your ringtone alarm and be awaken with its full-range stereo speakers. The app is for free. It also works as a charger, has built in 5 day weather forecast and sleep timer. You can watch movies too with this dock. It has a 90 degrees rotate feature for more comfy streaming. Hands up to our new generation innovators like Steve Jobs.

Kick your butt off and be an early bird.
Rise and Shine. ^_^

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