Monday, October 10, 2011

Unplugged for Blissful Morning

Today I was inspired to see the sunrise again after witnessing drastic storms that came in our city. Watching the sun to rise and waiting for the sunlight to shine on my face gives me pure bliss and warmth. Here are some of my top video picks for the day setting feel good sunny ambiance wherever you are.

Simply fantastic and light to the ears. It's like Sunday morning music from the oldies.
Slightly old school but its fun and clever.

Groovy mornings can end up to groovy nights.
Guitar strums and percussion beats feels like summer!

"Hey baby, Mrs. Cold..Nothing you can say is gonna change the way I feel "
Kings of Convenience serenading songs to pair with your coffee or tea.

"Let's make this happen, girl you gonna show the world that something good can work and it can work for you.
And you know that it will."

I just can't get rid of Two Door Cinema Club authentic music.
Last but not the least, Islands from my favorite band Young the Giant. The feel of the video and music is so moving. It's quite an emo song but the groove is so delightful.

Give your ears a break from FM radio pollution and let unplugged music draw your mind with dreamy and happy thoughts.

Have a Blissful Morning ^_^

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