Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First Trip of the Year Goes to Baguio

Every long weekend is a big deal for young professionals who work longer hours. To make the most of it, what you need is a great escape to a breath-taking-stress-free relaxing place away from jollibee (busy bee)hehe..Going to Baguio is a great deal. Aside from its cool weather, strawberries and veggies are cheaper, even the cab rate is very honest, artsy food restos are everywhere, jeje live horses (saw one horse with pink hair, haha..), nice view from the high rising houses (minimum of 3 floors), accessible swan lake, bikes :), one stop ukay-ukay, kamsahamnida peeps, random parade, and lots of ethnic and native stuffs. Here are my favorite pics from our trip.

Mala-Amsterdam view at the Session Road 

Rise and shine this Rio view from the rooftop
Jai outside TamAwan Village
i thought his beard was fake but its real, he the keyboard that sounds like harmonica
Ria preparing breakfast
i'll miss the cool breeze and open car windows
With Ria and Jai at 50's Diner

A 2-day stay in Baguio with two fun traveler friends (Jairus and Ria) is worth it -to keep my mind sane and on-track, again. Thanks to Ria for making our itinerary. We managed to come across 13 destinations; TamAwan Village, Strawberry Farm, Burnham Park, Swan Lake, Camp John Hay, The Mansion, 50’s Dinner, Oh my Gulay, O’ Mai Khan, Mines View Park, Pizza Volante, Market Place and Ukay Paradise. And also for one memorable conversation we had on our way home. I’ll keep what she said. “You are a gift that is not yet open, you are a surprise.” and Jairus for his never ending diva lullabies, hyper energy and for sharing his Lolo’s home sweet home. 
And, thank God for our safe and smooth trip.

More photos to come on my Facebook account. :)


  1. Mawhi,

    Hindi ko naimagine na 13 places pala ang napuntahan natin sa loob ng 2 araw! Pero 15 yata dahil yung Mines View Park pa at Good Shepherd. Salamat. Byahe ulit tayo sa susunod.

    1. haha..oo nga. Til our next trip. excited na ko ulit! Go itineraRIA ^_^


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