Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What Im Doing Lately

Im still blessed that even I haven't had a new Macbook Pro, I now own a very beneficial and multi-tasker that kills boredom, new Ipod touch 4th gen. I called it Whitey simply because it’s white. I can listen to my never ending chilly, pop, techno, indie, contemporary, rock music which my sister and brothers would not play and plug into our house speakers,haha.. I can read various novel books which I can download for free, can meditate anywhere with bible on the go, can watch movies all over again and skip to my favorite scenes and lines. It serves as a game console, now I can wait 10 minutes or so just playing Temple Run and Fruit Ninja. I lost my guitar tuner, I don’t have to buy one because there’s a guitar tuner app that is available on iTunes for free along with guitar effects you can choose from, awesome. It increases my productivity with reminders that keeps me on track. Lastly, my favorite camera apps that take pictures like film, Instagram and Leme Cam. I enjoy taking pictures every day and anywhere possible and share it instantly with its very fast Wifi. Here are some of the pics. :)
first Instagram photo of my undecided shoes
common mobiles you'll see on Eastwood
watching cars and people pass by in double exposure
tried tilt shift effects
currently reading a fascinating love story novel
crossing Fridays
Krispy Kreme doughnuts

Thanks for reading. ^_^


  1. Hey Maw! Congrats on your new iPhone :) I love your pix, as always :)

  2. thank you ate I.congrats din to your new blog. (its iPod,soon pa ang iPhone)^_^


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