Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blackbird Fly

Durango + Me
I’m not yet over with the fact that Durango (my guitar) can no longer be in my arms. We've been together for more than 8 years. My younger sister borrowed it then someone took it away from her while she was inside the public toilet. 

Ganon ka-simple. 

mother fatter.
sana maging legendary guitarist ka. kung sino ka man.

It was my very first guitar. Mom gave it to me when I was first year high school. First meeting was not exciting because I really wanted a drumset. Mama thought me how to play it. I remembered the first song she played, “Blackbird” by the Beatles. She strums and plucks the strings gracefully effortless with her 70’s pop voice. While watching her sabi ng isip ko “ang yabang naman neto..”, haha..After that drooling moment, she handed me the guitar and said “pag-natutunan mo to, marunong ka na.”. If 9gag was present that time, you can see my troll face “challenge accepted”.
First song learned, “Leaving on a Jetplane”. Fail? whatever. I became attached to alternative music listening to coldplay, radiohead, vertical horizon, matchbox20, oasis and opm bands like eheads. Syempre, dapat you know their songs para cool ka when jamming with friends. Then I learned Blackbird when I was 3
rd year high school. 

I started using this gift for His Kingdom since high school up to now. Nothing is more fulfilling than that.I asked God why He took Durango away from me? (andrama...)

It’s really true that you never know what you have until you lose it.
Don’t wait for that moment to come before it’s too late.
Give your time and care.

The impression to me was to get back to my heart’s desire. To finish my drafts and make more time in writing songs. And most importantly, to stay on track to His will.

Now, I'm waiting for my new guitar.

Lord please give it soon. :)

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