Saturday, August 11, 2012

Don't settle for less

You were my Christmas wish and my birthday wish. I waited patiently for you because I know you are right for me. You were not a surprise because I already set my mind that we will be together someday. I admit I was tempted to find someone that could replace you. He also has the qualities I like about you. He offered me things I want and tried to fulfill my needs.

Almost you, but still not you.
Still, I can't get you out of my head.

And then you came, unexpectedly in the right place and in the right time.
Thank God!
It was not an easy journey, but I hold on because I know you'll be truly worth it.

At last, you are mine now. :)

My first photo taken with my new blessing, named "Kagat"
There. Kala mo jowa na noh? haha..trip ko lang sumulat ng love letter. I just personified my new blessing. Say hello to Kagat, in english bite. You know why? Think of reasons why you bite your lips. Oops wait..hindi yun! Simplehan natin, just the fact that may kagat yung appple. Yun na. :)
Taken ng walang halong keme at my room.
Going back, I want to share with you what God has thought me during the process. I know, maliit na bagay lang naman to, but it would be a good start in preparation for bigger things you want for your life. Be it a thing, career, health, financial, or relationship, I believe this will work in all ways.

Set your goal

Before anything else, set your goal. You can't run the race if you don't know your destination.
You need to visualize it and seal it with a prayer.

Power of declaration
Keep on declaring that you will have it. In short, wag maging "negastar".
This is what I learned from my church. Write it down and always say it.

Keep on doing the call

Do what keeps you breathing, don't do things that will let you lose your breath.
Wag ka magpakamatay para lang sa bagay na gusto mo. How will you enjoy it pag wala ka ng lakas?
Do what God has called you to do, Seek first His kingdom and He will do the rest. Keep doing things for His glory.

Unswerving faith
Patience is a must. Keep holding on. Consider it as a test of faith.
The more challenging it is the more rewarding it will be.

Catch it

You'll see favor will come upon you. All you have to do is to catch it.

Do you have wishes in mind?
Remember, don't settle for less.


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