Thursday, October 11, 2012


Those were not my favorite numbers, but the relevance of the number series is something to be remembered and sealed. There's nothing extra-ordinary that will happen today. Things such as the moon will be half-covered by the sun, or the stars will collide forming heart shape, or anything amazing that the world shall witness. It's just that the date today will never be repeated again. I just want to make something that I can look back. So, here's a short story out of my Instagram pictures.

In every splendid working day, she writes.
She starts her day with a daily devotion. Words that she carries all throughout the day.
Her outfit wouldn't be complete without her favorite coral red lipstick that will compliment it.
She puts it on, preps the day with much enthusiasm -ready to kiss the day good luck.
Her watch is 10 minutes advance. I don't get it.
It doesn't help her anyways.
She applies this quote especially during travel time.
She puts on her iPod and all will turn out good as her song plays.
When she can't help it, sometimes this slips through her mouth.
Mostly heard whenever she's unpleasantly surprised.
After work, she still manage to go out for gigs doing other things she loves.
Photography and Music.
Good shoes can take you to good places. That's why she invest for good shoes.
You will find her wherever there's indie music and to any artsy event happenings,
or to any restaurant that offers buffalo wings, vanilla ice cream and wintermelon milk tea.
Practice..practice..practice. That's what she needs.
Someday, she will have the guts to answer her call.
That is to make music for His glory.
Next to God would be her family, passion and true friends.
Special someone?..
Still in her dreams. Someday, her prince will come and wake her up with a kiss.
And they will live happily ever after..for eternity.

There! Hope you like it.


  1. Great photos!

    - Victoria

  2. did you take these pictures? love the typewriter, love and the "you" shots. I wish I have your eye for photography.


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