Monday, October 01, 2012

Whatever October

lean back

Expectation. It's a strong belief that something will happen or someone will achieve something in the future. If you have expected something or someone in the future, then you are growing.
The process of expecting is a no brainer, we are so used to it. On the positive side, it builds your character. You keep your grips on believing that this "thing" will happen as soon as you can imagine it to be. The longer it takes, the more your eagerness, your hope, and faith grows deeper.
In reality, not all expectations fall into place. It comes or it fails.
Yes, some of my expectations didn't turned out the way I wanted it to be. My September ended by the abrupt change of things that matters to me. It ended worst than I've thought. Crap.
Still, I'm expecting greater things will come my way. Whatever October brings, I would still choose to be more expectant for I know that God has greater things ahead of me.

All things fail, but Him? Never.


  1. "anticipation has a habit to set you up for disappointment" -- Alex Turner

    1. Ui Ahmad! zup? yea..Still, thanks to disappointments for keeping me stronger. :)


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