Thursday, December 27, 2012

All in His Time

From numbered unmemorable days and countless hours of figuring out what will happen next to my constantly changing existence, to happily writing things that came to me unexpectedly, is a living proof that God is moving in my life. His plans never fails. The process was not that easy. It took me couple of weeks of insanity simply because I relied on my own understanding. But if you place your trust into His promises and hold on to your faith with the spirit of gratitude, it will come into place smoothly. All in His time.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways
acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

-Proverbs 3:5-6

New Place
EDSA tops
View from the roof deck, GA Tower 2

Together with my thrifty-wise-spender lovely sister, Wilt. We moved to a condominium that is accessible to all working place. Hello there EDSA! I've always wanted to move to a place near MRT. I like my alarm clock to be the buzzing sound of buses and trains. Haha.. I love it! I was a bum when we moved and I have to pay the rent.
avor comes in. We got the place discounted
! Thank you Lord. I was broke that time. I never got to spend that much for my cravings. Natatawa nalang ako everytime
I hear this on the radio,
"Di bale ng walang pera, muka namang artista." haha..benta. 

I've been through various interviews that I found tiring and inspiring at the same time. I was tired of googling places, faking smiles and trying to impress people in first meeting. The inspiring part was getting to know different people with their own stories. They will make you realized that you are still blessed in spite of what you are going through. Some of them turned out to be my new networks.

 New Job
Hello there office
After two weeks of exploring the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, haha.. Finally, I found one. Who would have thought that I would land to a job that will spoil me. My table beside the window viewing the skyline, sunshine hits my desk, there's a park near the office where I can unwind during breaks, flexible working hours, only 15 minutes away from home, no quota, no weekends, clever office mates, good salary, and cool bosses..perfection. I didn't passed the exam for the position I applied for.
o my surprise,
hey opened a new job position for me! God moves in mysterious awesomely way. Just overwhelming.

New Love
Us taken by Ems Aquino
Here comes my combo-breaker number 3, my love life. "New day. New life. New. New. New. New year na ba te? Hahaha! Saya mooo!". My friend Ynah tweeted that to me when she found out about this. Haha..sounds overrated? Well, all comes according to His will and I'm eternally grateful about it. I know that I'll fall in love all over again, but I never expected it to be this early and it's happening. Who? When? Where? What? Why? How?..
Whatever the question is.. I feel blessed, fulfilled, and supernatural.

God wants to be involved in even the smallest details of our lives.
Just allow Him and completely trust Him with perseverance. He never fails.

Friday, December 21, 2012

You Are My Destination

bound to high fidelities.

Monday, December 10, 2012

"Your Silence is the Villain" MV Launch by Your Imaginary Friends

It’s been a while since my last post about my night wanderings, and I miss it! I can’t promise to blog all the gigs, events and happenings I’ve been to, but this post.. 
I can’t resist to share. Your Imaginary Friends’ awaken my senses to blog again about music. Part of my new beginning is witnessing their journey, and I'm so proud what they have come up with. Swabe eh.

Anyway, the happiness and excitement of their listeners, followers, supporters, and friends who came over that night was contagious. We all waited for this. All hearts and cheers for a night of celebration. Let's wave for their success! :)

Ness Urian
The Gentle Isolation
Stolen Shots
Stolen Shots
Brian Josef
The Charmes
Musical O
Musical O
Ahmad Tanji
See more pictures here

This is it! The long wait is over. Let's welcome the new milestone of Your Imaginary Friends. Here’s the new track for your laslas pulso moments. You'll never be silent after hearing this. Or else, you will be a villain. Charaught! ^_^

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