Thursday, June 16, 2011


passionate about visual communication  
feels life intensely
 sees the deep beauty in people
has a spiritual sensibility to their work
understands the importance of balancing form & functionality
 keeps a finely-honed imagination
 wants to make work that means something
  committed to personal and artistic growth
 has a child-like curiosity and fascination
highly-skilled in photoshop (or similar)
has a strong knowledge of web-based design
 self-motivated and takes pride in excellence
can take direction and meet timelines
can work remotely
 an honest and open communicator
wants to work with a company of people committed to improving quality of life
 brave enough to imagine they could change the world

It was the post I read today while browsing some inspirations for my future shoot.  From Jesh De Rox this was his post for someone to be part of their team. It was nice to know that you have exactly the same heart and desire for Art and Photography with someone you don't know. I hope I can join them or maybe I can have my own team.

*If God will allow me. :)

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