Monday, August 15, 2011

Still expecting great things

Today is Monday. I am so recharged, so ready and so excited for what my week would be.
and having this vibe.
by: Olly Moss

It started fine.
I did my meditation..was singing songs..very hopeful and merry.

On my way to work, the bus conductor pisses me off. I will never tell why.
I was just late because of him.
I tried shaking it off and just set my mind for tomorrow.
Then I saw this.

Brooke Fraser in Manila CANCELLED?? oh shoot.. I just purchased my ticket last friday to secure my seat and I was really looking forward to meet Brooke Fraser. She is just only one of my most favorable influence. Ouch.

People feel bad and in response act worse which results in them feeling bad. – Ian Gustafson

I will not let this feeling linger. God never fails in surprising me.
Im still expecting great things on my way.

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