Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If only mind could talk...

I will be one of the noisiest women alive. 

This happens to me during travel times especially on the bus or wherever you see my face blank.
I am more observant to things that are extremely interesting like the three blonde kids flock together like birds. Even the not so interesting things like the busted light on the street sign, a slipper left in the middle of the highway, random posters of shampoo ads, or ads with smiling models with blackened tooth, or sloppy graffiti catches my attention. 

When I was in college, our professor told us to keep on looking at the billboard ads. It’s a mind exercise for advertising students which allows you to get familiar about creating one, knowing what’s missing and how to improve it. 

Surrounded with numerous ads on the road makes my average 10,000 words in a day wasted. These things were not insults or whatever, just opinions.

What do you get from that?
New ideas.

It can be good or bad, can be inspiring or not.
Just let your mind flow and discover what your creative mind could do.


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