Saturday, September 03, 2011

Top 10 favorable things

At work, I keep on writing top rated products, top tips, top advice, top recommended brands and everything on top including cherries. lols. One hiatus moment before writing, I came to realize to create mine this time.

1.Vanilla Ice cream
I dont know how vanilla ice cream easily revamps my mood and brings me to spring time while white chocolate bars with almonds brings me to summer.

Seems to be one of the significant things that is necessary for birthdays to make it a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
It gives me a light feeling that signifies freedom and happiness.

Although my favorite color is purple, seeing colorful stuffs combined like these easily caught my attention.
Wear anything with colors and be noticed.

Is only a shape were many quotations are made.They say people who likes stars are idealistic.
I guess I am but it doesn't apply to all things. I just want anything related to stars.

 4.Playing the guitar
Is a sacred thing for me. It is my devotion for my Saviour and Refuge. As a matter of fact, Durango (name of my guitar) has been with me since I was 14.

5.Taking photographs
 I am passionately in love taking images. Its just amazing how simple photos can easily bring you to that place and moment, mentally. It started as a hobby, a hobby turned into passion then turned into career. Taking portraits of different people is my major.

6.Messy hair
Maybe an excuse for those who are lazy combing their hair or taking much time in the mirror was not a priority. But a natural, spring colored, soft wavy curls and laid down hair on like what the hippies and bohemians have is a gift. Embrace messy hair but not smelly hair.

The shoes defines your character. Based on my opinion Chucks are said to be for rockers, Stilettos are for chics, Running shoes for sporty, Loafers for workaholics, Flats for comfort-freak, Pumps for posh, Platforms for the artists. Just buy shoes when you see yourself wearing it. 

8. Keeping scriptures
Devote time for meditation everyday. It is more than a power nap can do. It does not only makes your day, it makes your LIFE. Always be on your track and be reminded of God's promises.

 9.Writing random things
My handy dandy notebook is almost full of random thoughts. This hobby helps me to achieve what I am right now. From poems, preaching, cries, wishes, hopes, drafts, quotes to whatever gives me inspiration. I write it all.

10.Listening to contemporary, indie, ambient music
Allows you go to the largest nation called IMAGINATION.

Hope you enjoyed it. Share yours too. :)


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