Monday, November 07, 2011


Going back to the basics apart from the advanced high technology materials, let's go back to where they all started. Here are some of my favorite things that brought my life more meaningful -all made of wood.

For keeping my memories alive.
This is a organic wood camera educational toy from little sampling toys. Its a good alternative for plastic toys.

Because I love taking images outdoors and letting the sun shine on me, sunnies are essential.
I would be pleased to have one handcrafted Canby Pendleton sunnies from Shwood.
Click here to see how it was made.

Acoustic Guitar
My partner for more than 7 years never failed me. My guitar accompanies my creative sanity. It's getting old and need to re-fret, or maybe I'll buy another one. *blessings please :)

For writing and keeping tracks of my mental randomness.

This is where it all happens. :)
One of the best things in life -a free relief from all our toils, sleeping.
I would like my room to be like this. I got this room inspiration from Gavin Daniels.

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