Friday, February 17, 2012

An Estrogen Valentine

My valentines didn't turned out to be mushy, romantic, surprising or endearing like what the season expects to be..(It’s not a bitter post anyway) let’s just say it turned out quite awesome and intimately personal. :p
A night spent with my sister and her boyfriend after a long day of work until 3am is heartwarming and beyond what expected knowing that they are not really into this kind of environment. We went to THE Collective, B-side Makati, came to watch the Estrogen Valentine concert. Estrogen is for female and it’s a female hormone. The event name (estrogen) was explained to me further by my lovely nurse sister. The stage jam-packed performers includes my favorite female artists;

Kitchie Nadal
I was a fan since high school.May sudden kilig padin ang song na Wag na Wag mong Sasabihin. Hindi ako mahilig mag videoke pero napakanta ako dahil sa song na yan nung highschool.  She sang it genuinely effortless. “Salamat sa Panginoon” that’s what she said after her set. She really knows how to give back the glory, that’s why God blesses her more.

Turbo Goth is composed of real life couple Sarah Gaugler (vocalist) and Paolo Peralta( guitarist/synth). We arrived very timely before their set.  They gave justice to electronic rock with their original music and crazy dreamy syths.  Aanhin pa ang stage? Paolo’s crazy syncopated dance move rocks the crowd all over the place so insane while Sarah sings melancholically with steady model poses.

Aia de Leon of Imago

Who would not love Imago’s endearing alternative rock music? Their songs struck every heart deeper as time gets old. That night when Aia started the rhythmic intro lead of the song Akap easily drags me to the mood of sincere reminiscing. The crowd sings with the band almost the whole set. Followed by the song Sundo (our favorite song, mom,sis and I) with an acapela intro is ethereally amusing.
Armi Millare of Up Dharma Down

“Iniipon ang mga pagkakataon at sa isang sulok ay pinagdurugtong dugtong. Lito..kapit, kabig..palit. Huli na and lahat para bawiin ang hindi nararapat” –Taya 
“Makikinig nga ba sa isipan na alam ang wasto o iindak na lang sa tibok ng puso?”
– Indak
“Anong lunod o lalim bat di na lang lumutang”
– Sana

Updharmadown's authentic electronic rock music stands out the indie scene not only with their imaginative melodical mixes but with the lyrics that tells true heartbreaks and a mending heart. Armi’s whimsical genuine voice is eminent beyond comparison. Watching them is always gratifying.

The event encourages people to patronize Filipino artists and music. Kudos to M productions for such a wonderful set of artists, hosts, eargasmic sound system and mood setter lights that completes the night to be a blast.

more photos to come on my Flickr.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What Type of Christian are You?

You may take it seriously or not but its time to see what you should change and improve. It is to see yourself well not to be just a Believer but a Follower of Christ.

Source: Types of Christians

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Take Me Home

He is someone who sounds powerfully interrogating my sub-conscious mind. He is Sameer Gadhia from the Jakes, now known as Young the Giant. Their music sets any mood easily from heavy to light heartfelt emotions. I heart their refreshing videos such as Strings and I Got  from In the Open sessions and intimately attached to these songs; Islands, God Made Man and most especially Take Me Home.

The Jakes - Take Me Home

"Your back is straight
don't let that hurt curve it that way..
just take me home..
coz' I cant stand being alone.."

photo by: Alexander Shahmiri

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Based on Experience

I wonder why this morning I have this urge feeling to replace my desktop wallpaper. I just found it on Pinterest then casually set it as background. Then suddenly something unexpected came up, something that requires me to burst out my tears whenever my feet draw me. I always thought that a ½ pint pistachio ice cream and a pair of vanilla ice cream cone can easily release that heavy feeling but it’s not enough. I have to let go of my tears and keep going. After the freak-release momentum, I returned back to office..sit back..breathe..unlock my computer..loading..and there goes my desktop.

“Keep your head up, keep your heart strong”.

Everything has a purpose, that urge to replace my desktop wallpaper is not an accident. Funny how God moves in mysterious ways.
Based on experience.
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