Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cool and Affordable Camera Straps

After lunch, whenever we still have extra time, we walk around Eastwood and go to Bazaar. That time we were just looking for gifts for our monito monita until I found this. I'm loving my new camera straps. I bought three just because I cant decide which of these three fashionable straps strikes the most and.. because they gave me a VERY GOOD discount so..I purchased three. *claps
I immediately tried it on Katas (canon500d) and Hidalgo(Holga).
The first shot is for Hidalgo with the Floral Hippie Strap.
Compared to canon straps, its quite thicker and fashionable. It has the same stitches with standard straps na mukang matibay. The width of the camera strap is same to guitar straps.Im already using the Pink cushioned Leather Strap for Katas, the Floral for Hidalgo and the Brown Suede for my future,,Leica M9??? haha asa.

You can find these cool straps at The Camera Strap Project. The price ranges from 300 to 350 php. Hope you find your match. :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Change in You

The theme of the party happened to be at one of my please-don’t-take-me-here-place. I love neon lights and I enjoyed the night with my team. And there I contemplated after capturing this image. Its time to start anew.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Food Trips Around the Metro

Let's talk about food this time. Its been quite awhile since my last post about food and recommended places. I was planing to blog each restaurants individually kaso naipon na so I decided to post it all-in-one. I took pictures before I eat and I got most of these pictures from places we normally see or heard of or never been to. I don't eat a lot unless its interesting, vanilla ice cream, watermelon, chocolate almonds, mallows, buffalo wings, fries, pizza, pasta, chopsuey, adobong atay, tiramisu or anything that is easy to chew and digest. haha..whatever. Here are the five places worth hanging out around the metro.

Subspace Coffee House at Ortigas. It started from my photo day challenge theme, "your favorite color" then I saw their slogan "have a happy purple day". I heart purple and indigo colors.
1) I love how the chairs were hang up that way, parang walang gravity. The coffee shop and its interior is inspired by Korean culture. You can hear the SuperJunior songs being played and they sell korean cd's,too. Anyeonghaseo... :)
2) Take a sip to their sweet potato hot purple latte. Its my first time to taste a purple latte. Its very smooth and sweet with sweet potato after taste.
3) I guess its a fallen star from the hanging stars from the first photo. Gusto ko nga iuwi, buti nalang its silver kung purple yun..lam na.hehe
4) The gigantic light bulb at the corner of the cafe. The shop is brilliant.. *ting

subspace coffee photos

The first visit: I was with my friend Ynah (who is working as a researcher for a food show at TV5). I work nearby so I recommend the place to be featured on their show. I was inspired to meet the brainchild of this hip tea business,the young entrepreneur and very pretty Kristia Bulan entertained us cheerfully with her stories on how the business came up. When we first entered the shop, the crew were very nice, matched with the aroma of the place that is so sweet.I can smell freshly baked pastry and brewed tea. They serve yummy tea's with affordable price, parang happy hour lagi. :) They also have fast wi-fi ideal for bloggers, student meetings and friends fellowship. They also provide wider space parking lot. The price ranges from 50-150php.
1) As promised, they serve freshly brewed tea always. Wait for your order as they call your name.
2) Im not sure if its Sensha Kyoto or Pearl Milk Tea. (nakalimutan na sa sarap. hehe). I first tried the Red Velvet Cake (not in picture) for free. Nakakakilig yung lasa, may spark ng strawberry blended with tea.
3) chirping like a bird.
4) the clever logo was designed by the owner.

raintree tea house photos

Five Cows
at Trinoma
I was here with my friend Kidilets. The colors draw me closer to that place. White and pastels works best for ice cream lovers and happy people. ^_^
1) Start counting the cows on their logo. hehe. I borrowed the five cows' hat from a crew. *trippers
2) A must-try bubble gum ice yummy cream with tiny mallows and colorful chocolate crisp toppings. Instant kilig after taste.
3) Simple menu canvass stands out on white. Price ranges from150-350php.
4) Hello to their belgian chocolate peppermint ice cream cake. One slice is good for two. :)    
  five cows trinoma

Army Navy
at Katipunan
1) Mission Accomplised! -one happy customer
2) the glorious quarter-pound beef patty Army Navy burger. Fresh from the grill ang datingan because it was wrapped in foil. hehe. Hold the burger with both hands and take a big bite!
3) try also their onion rings and freshly brewed iced tea. You'll gain weight pag di mo pinigilan.
4) after bite. =p
army navy katipunan
Starbucks Cofee at Eastwood.
A mainstream tambayan for a good coffee and also known as "tambayan ng mga sosyal". haha. Im not into coffee..dala ko parin ang kasabihan nung bata ako "pang matanda lang ang kape, Milo lang pwede sayo". Only a coffee treat pulls me here.:)
1)The ceilings and air propeller. Future plan.
2) Christmas Special Peppermint Mocha awakes me. may spark.
3) Of course the photo wall. Red wall and photographs makes me want to stay.
(on photo: Kat and Yara -officemates)
4) My first move, read magazines. :)
Starbucks Coffee Eastwood

Added: good place + good companion + good food = good conversation
Til' our next food trip!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Maluhong Ambisyon

Eto na ang pinakamahal na gadget para sa maluho kong pagkahilig sa camera. Presenting the Leica M9 digital rangefinder camera. Una kong pinangarap ang M3 na nakita sa magazine in a coffee shop. Ngayon nagbalik nanaman ang pagnanais ko sa kanya. This is the latest sa M series, madaming Leica sa Hidalgo pero mga film pa. Wag ismolin ang camera na to, kasing lupet yan ng canon 5D (mejo). It gives you the pleasure of shooting high end quality pictures of 21-24 mega pixels kahit 18.5MP lang 'to. Silent shooter pa yan, preferably for street photography, sa mga photo journalist, travelers and photo enthusiasts. You can get the real emotions of your subject without interrupting them. With its compact and lightweight ergonomics, you can shoot everyday and anywhere you want. Less hassle sa pagdala ng bulky dslr camera and long or wide lenses.

A humble camera na hambog ang presyo.

Haay..mapapa-buntong hininga ka na lang sa presyo. Nagkakahalaga lang naman sya ng tatlong daang libong piso na halos katumbas na ng anim na macbook pro, o kaya second hand na sasakyan kaya mo na bumili ng spark na chevrolet may kasama pang soundsystem at customized leather seats. Pwede ka na rin mag-down payment para sa house and lot, mag travel sa Paris with your family, mag-produce ng indie album, mag-support sa church planting, gumawa ng big event for your favorite bands dito sa Pinas, magvolunteer na ipasemento ang lubak na daan na abala sa subdivision nyo, bumili ng maraming aso at pusa at gumawa ng pet society, magpamigay ng mga sapatos or tsinelas sa mga street children- mas maganda siguro pakainin mo sila sa Jollibee, manlibe ng pamasahe sa lahat ng masakyan mong public transportation..libre mo lahat ng tao sa MRT o LRT, at marami pang iba.

Tanong: Shall I buy or not?

Sabi nga nila best things in life are free. Isa na to sa pinaka the best na mangyayari sa buhay ko pag nagkaron ako neto. Hello mga Ninong at Ninang at sa mga taong gusto magpasaya ng isang batang taga pangarap. :)

Namiss ko ang tagalog na blog. ^_^

Friday, December 02, 2011

Shapes of Christmas

It’s the season full of hopes, wishes and dreams. A time for giving, sharing and loving. Don’t limit yourself from enjoying this season regardless of your problems and situation. Let’s expect greater things this December and start shaping your Christmas. Play this song to set your mood for this season.

HEARTS full of love
DIAMONDS for precious memories
TEARS of joy
STARS for shimmering moments
and CIRCLES for unity and fullness of joy.

I took the photos using a Bokeh DIY kit from Wild One.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Making this post while singing along with Spongebob's “Santa’s coming tonight tonight..Santa’s coming toniiight..” excites me more for the coming merry Christmas! It’s the time of the year where everybody’s very beesy preparing for the get-together, shopping for discounts, wrapping gifts, and budgeting! Hopefully I can gather up lots of mulah. I wish I can take my family to London’s Eye. It will come but for now, I’m saving for an alternative route where I can bring them very close to my plan. And for my wishlist..,I know God will provide. ^_^
1) MacBook Pro 13” 2.8 GHz that will make my work life easier and faster. 2) A timeless and classic watch for everyday use. Hopefully my consecutive 10 minutes late would lessen.
3)The Union Street ubiquitous camera and laptop bag from ONA. This will serve as my utility bag.
4)The crappy montage look I made is included from H2T (head2toe). ^_^

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Prime Lens for Your Iphone

Isn’t it cool to have an interchangeable lens for your iPhone? This is called the iPhone lens dial. It gives you the pleasure of taking pictures with the effect of the 3 sought after prime lenses today. We know that prime lenses like telephoto, wide-angle lens and fish eye are quite pricey. With this new iPhone attachment, you can now lessen your expense and get three primes in one with its affordable price. This is ideal for travelers and commuters who don't get a chance to bring their dslr cameras all the time.

You can now take promising images anytime and anywhere possible without too much expense like owning a dslr camera. Its not new that iPhones can be converted to dslr cameras by attaching mini lenses but this one is different. It is sleek, very handy and easy to use. Visit the photojojo store and see more interesting stuff for your hobby. They offer lots of accessories and alternative lenses for your camera.

Get images like a pro with these iPhone three-lens optical choices.
Happy Shooting iPhoneographers!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Striking custom made guitars

Stand out in every shindig with a guitar that speaks of your character. These perky guitars easily catch my attention as I was browsing for a new one. They look like toys but these instruments are crafted with intonation and fully functional. It can also be modified into an electric instrument.  Personalize your guitars the way you like eet! They make guitar, bass, ukulele and more. These playful works in wood is made by Celentano Woodworks.

Here are some of their works.
I would like to have a pure plain white 6-string nylon guitar with black lining or a star-shaped purple ukulele. Please.. *winkywink

Monday, November 07, 2011


Going back to the basics apart from the advanced high technology materials, let's go back to where they all started. Here are some of my favorite things that brought my life more meaningful -all made of wood.

For keeping my memories alive.
This is a organic wood camera educational toy from little sampling toys. Its a good alternative for plastic toys.

Because I love taking images outdoors and letting the sun shine on me, sunnies are essential.
I would be pleased to have one handcrafted Canby Pendleton sunnies from Shwood.
Click here to see how it was made.

Acoustic Guitar
My partner for more than 7 years never failed me. My guitar accompanies my creative sanity. It's getting old and need to re-fret, or maybe I'll buy another one. *blessings please :)

For writing and keeping tracks of my mental randomness.

This is where it all happens. :)
One of the best things in life -a free relief from all our toils, sleeping.
I would like my room to be like this. I got this room inspiration from Gavin Daniels.

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