Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It's a brand new day,
a brand new you
and anything is possible
whatever you choose!

Monday, October 18, 2010


I was thinking for a tough name of a guy.. 
tough enough to shoot outrageously..
strong enough to overcome the wilderness.

Then I started not to think and close my eyes.

Open up. Grab him and felt the spark.

Then HIDALGO came up.

 Welcome to my world Hidalgo.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mundane Monday

 ..was flown away by your smile..
 was drawn into your spell..

you said it was magic..
magic turned into tragic.

..it was only a bliss.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


" The flowers starts to bloom..
Cocoons became butterflies..
The stars falls and light the way..
then love had its way.. "

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wine stoppers

Corks are meant to seal the freshness of the wine. Stops wine from spilling and spoiling. Attached in the bottle for years. Hard to take out.

"There's this hole,
the name of the hole is..
You can't go on,
there's always a reason to..
Learn to move on,
go find yourself a little more..
Dig that hole,
be sure not to left any dirt.
Once you trusted the Most
it's time to take off.. "

 Go find another Cork. :)

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Pain Reliever

Pain is a signal from our body that  

something is not right.

It can be due to a physical injury, some

kind of disease, or you're just..
emotionally upset.

Most types of physical pain can be treated with pain relievers.

and here's mine.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Effortless beauty

Walking with 3 inches above heels can elevate your confidence.
Wearing rubber shoes and flat shoes elevates your comfortableness.
Dressing outrageously can catch others attention.
Dressing simplicity makes you feel steady.

Tiis-Ganda that's what they called it.
occurs when you do things sacrificially for beauty's sake.

define your features but look effortless.
Steps to achieve it:

have your devotion and meditation.
it starts from within.

feel good about yourself.
You are what you think.
Don't exaggerate, keep it low.

Be realistic.
You can wear anything you want but be sure it's appropriate.

Wear light! wear things you can carry comfortably.

Make-up. Don't be afraid to wear make up, experiment.
Start with a good foundation that will blend to your skin or use BB cream.
A simple eyeliner and lipstick will do.

Clothes. Wear anything you can carry without regrets.

Hair.If you can't handle it, loose it! :) 

Shoes. Women loves shoes. Don't deprive yourself wearing high heels once in a while.
Enjoy being a woman.

Stop comparing. Search for your own identity .

then say Hello! :)

Sunday, July 04, 2010


I don't really believe in instincts.
ang alam ko lang eh'..pang babae lang yun.
kesyo..malakas daw ang instincts ng babae sa mga bagay bagay..sa mga ganyan ganire..sa mga dudabiz..
inshort, ito and tinatawag na tamang hinala.
Nagsurvey ako sa limang babae kung lahat ng instincts nila ay nagkatotoo.
syempre, 100% oo daw.
(i know right..hindi sapat ang survey na ganun. tamang trip lang para mabasag ang curiosity ko)
So eto na. tinest ko na ang sarili ko.
test narin at the same time kung tunay na babae nga ko
Naghanap ako ng subject, nagsimula ako gumawa ng instinct.
Gagana kaya?

Kaloka. yun ang term. mala-jimmy neutron ang pag iisip,
san-saan..anu-ano..sinu-sino..na ang nadamay.
Naging malawig naman ang pag-iisip ko kaya na loka ako kahit papano.

Imba lang kasi ako sa mga bagay. nagiging mabusisi lang ako pag interesting o kakaiba sa namulatan ko.

Ano na? Haha.
Instinct power activated.
Tama ang instincts ko. pero di ako natuwa sa resulta.

Emo part:
"There's no use of holding back, you'll just find yourself holding back to the hurts you've had."

Dami ko pang sinabi, eto lang naman talaga yun.
Babalik na ko sa normal mode ko.ayoko na ng instincts.

Instinct power deactivated.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Whattah face?! -Toy Story 3 review

" Whattah Face?!"

I never thought watching these funny faces characters left me in tears!

Andy (owner of  the toys) is all grown up and he's leaving for college. Now, how about the toys? 
He will not be needing those toys anymore.Will he keep them? Donate them? or just put them in junk? 
So, how will these toys be played again? 
And that's where the story begins.

The characters in the flick were more entertaining and funnier. I love it where BUZZ lightyear was switched-on to Spanish mode and how he kick his ass off. Lots'O the strawberry-scented bear; meek outside but dark inside. Mr.&Mrs.Potato Head; on how they transformed into a super-agents by their detachable body parts. Barbie and Ken; where Ken was more vain and fabulous than Barbie. The orphans! (haha..) Chuckles; the clown with a mad face (who sounds like Rorschach from The Watchmen) on storytelling their adventure on how they get abandoned. Jesse: showing how annoying a girl can be and accepting her faults in the end. Andy; how he gets matured,appreciative and how he introduced each of his toys to--Bonnie; the cute-little-funny-freckled-cheek girl, the new owner of the Toys.And of course, Woody.

He was the only toy Andy wants to take with. But he refrained from going with him. He never turned back from his friends whom he called his family. It was never easy for him. Even the the gang turned their backs to him.The adventure was different. It has many twist. Being lost, saving the whole gang from Sunnyside, helping a traitor and finding the one new-rightful owner.Bonnie.
I was amazed on how he faced the phase of letting go and embracing the new life without any regrets. 
And how Andy appreciated each of the toy telling how much thy mean to him.
( ..and tears started to fall..)

I can see myself in his character. Of being one of the craziest in the gang, meant to have a strong personality and yet having trouble when it comes to decision-making on choosing between love ones.

Watching as kid of a child-oriented flick is quite different watching as a grown up.
As a kid, all you have to do is to watch the movie by observing their actions carefully so you'll know when to laugh and act like the characters. As a grown up, your not just observing their actions, you can now understand more the words that they say, more attached to the characters and have full understanding what the movie is all about.

 This very moving-tearjerker-heartfelt movie is a must see!

You'll get the whattah face?! reaction from others coz' you'll find yourself crying and laughing out of it.
This will make you crazy.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

unexpected surprises!

 I was just hoping that my day will turned out the way I planned.

and..it NEVER did

Why? maybe I never planned it very well, less preparations.. not effective plan B...or maybe God didn't allow it to happen because He has a better one.

I always rely on my mini-organizer to make my day really organized. Every night, I'll marked the accomplished one's and make comments and comparison's about planned and unplanned things happened throughout the day.

I noticed, there were lots of surprises and unexpected things that came.They were more brilliant and elated!

"If anything happens by chance..
it's not blessing in disguise, it's God's move! "

Try to observe. See the difference. Be blessed.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Random errands..

Because of wanting and trying to be productive, writing this one is kinda fun, this one excites me to what will be the outcome of being random in errands.I was supposed to create a folio but my mind is much eager on writing something than editing certain thing.

Here it goes..

I was reading blogs of different people whom I don't know. they just simply caught my attention.was looking for words enough to change your mood like encouragements,mushy quotes,nothingness.. stimulates my senses letting my mind flows wherever whenever.


that's it! :)

Saturday, June 05, 2010


Give me Fierce.

Was the phrase I said during this shoot and yet she turned out innocent looking fierce babe. :)

Was amazed on how Cathy touched my life. She's beautiful inside and out, purely loving and sweet,
creative in many ways and simply irresistible.

Want more of her? 


Thursday, June 03, 2010


    Applying what I've learned. 
Bonding during the shoot. 
Sharing her beauty.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

End start of life.

I didn't realized I got here here so soon.

Graduation day is the most perfect day to make a deep sigh.

A sigh arise from positive emotion called relief., while your mind saying  "sa wakas!" with a smile on your face.. It can be also a gesture of  "speechlessness" and giving it all up to God. :)
Graduation day is merely not the end of our sacrifices, its the start of the true race of life.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Election 2010

Bilang di ako makakaboto, sinamahan ko na lang si mama at lola. Nasaksihan ko ang election with PCOS machines. Pila na pang- NSO, NBI at DFA (matagal at mahaba)..
habang naghihintay..
Bigla nalang ako naging volunteer sa paghanap ng mga names ng mga voters sa prisinto.

Monday, May 03, 2010

why i LOVE the beach

there's peace..

there's relief...

shot on location: (top) Morong, Bataan (below) Nasugbu, Batangas

Monday, April 26, 2010

Are you a wild flower?

You are a flamboyant, stylish person.
You like the flare of music and art, and you are very creative and sophisticated.
You like traveling, but you also like having anchorage in a home place.
You also have very creative dreams to share and talk about.
You are humorous but not in a way that's loud and obnoxious.
Your personality is medium and easy to be friends with, but sometimes, the other person might get annoyed by your pickiness.
You have a tendency to point out the fault of others and to be criticizing when things don't go your way.
You have generally nice relationships with other people, but you only keep one or two close to you for true secrets.

this is 90% true.

-got this personality test result forwarded by a friend.

what i like about wild flower is that..

"its growing where it would not naturally."

You can grow whenever if you choose to.
It comes out naturally.
It comes from you.

Keep on growing wild flowers!

Friday, April 23, 2010


An unhealthy dependence on another person can stifle us spiritually.
-Regina Franklin
(the thought that strikes me directly and inspired me to write this one.)
Holding on to others..
Needing another persons approval..
Depending to someone.
The mere thing that I hold on the most was the one that hurt me badly.
I felt like there's hole in my chest, felt no one can hear me and I felt empty.
I tried to TAKE IT, naturally and MAKE IT,casually..
and ended up FAKING IT.

..then found myself
remembering THE CROSS..
is our Sense Of Security.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New hair

Scorching hot ang weather dito sa Pinas. kahit ganun kaya ko parin naman panindigan ang long hair ko with bangs!! ehe..

It came to an end when my mom always notices my hair, tapos naiiirita na sya.. mainit daw ako tignan.So..this is it. :)

Monday, April 19, 2010


             from left: Kamille, Mj, Karen, Hannah, Me.

                shot before taking our lunch.
              ( I was having thoughts of eating mouth-watering desserts.) XD

                                 hello kam and panda. :)

                                 yum yum yum..

                                  then we took Photography class..

                                 and play battlefield. :)

                  never-ending eating. cocktails and live bands at night.

                electronic-moving performance by FEEN.

 Learning. Bonding. Enjoying.  all at the same time. This event was a blast!!

photos by: Hannah Martir, Kc Poras , Emjei Rivera


I created this for a client.
T-shirt design not only for couples also for couple of things,too. Haha..

just LOVE for no reason

It is hard.
It is a risk.
It's the price to pay.

and it's unselfish move.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Sa mga pagkakataon na ganito..uhm..umuulan, makulimlim, malamig, walang pasok..tumatakbo ang isip, aktibo ang utak. Andami mong gustong gawin! pero may problema...
tinaman ka ng katamaran! haha..
mas gugustuhin mu na lng matulog, manood, kumain, magcomputer..Lahat gagawin mo basta stay put ka lang sa pinaka komportable mong posisyon, sa pagkakaupo mo o sa pagkakahiga mo.

Ano ba epekto ng pagkatamad? Edi masama. Pwede kang tumaba..kain tulog ka ba naman, walang exercise, pinaka exercise mu yung pagkuha ng pagkain sa "prijider" ehe..tapos balik ka ulit sa posisyon mong komportable. Kain, lamon, tulog, gising, kain, lamon, tulog. Yun ang cycle ng buhay. Anu na mangyayari? maglalabasan sakit mo. Tataas presyon mo, high-blood na pala. naku,pag nagkasakit ka gastos. pag gastos apektado ang budget tapos pag na short ka hingi ka ng tulong sa kamag anak, pag na-stroke ka hanap ka pa ng mag-aalaga sayo..e walng gusto kasi ang taba mo ang asim pa ng amoy mo.Imbis na mamatay ka sa sakit mo, mamatay ka sa lungkot. Sa huli magsisisi ka. Sana hindi nalang ako naging tamad..

Tsktsk..poor kid.

Nakaramdam ka na ba ng pagkatamad?..hindi naman lahat ng tamad ganun ang ending, exagerated lang ako.

Pano pag ganto ang pagkatamad mo?

Nakakatamad manood ng tv, wala ng magandang palabas

Nakakatamad ngumuya ng chocolate, nakakaumay na ang matamis

Nakakatamad mag facebook/multiply, try mu mag hugas ng plato

Nakakatamad magalit, ayaw mu lang mag-ipon ng sama ng loob

Nakakatamad makipag-away, ang ending parehas kayong talo

Nakakatamad magreklamo, gumawa ka nalng ng solusyon

Nakakatamad magsalita, less talk less mistake

Nakakatamad mag abang ng tricycle, maglakad ka sama mo friend mo. bonding na nakatipid ka pa.

Nakakatamad mangopya, ansakit sa leeg tapos kabado ka pa

Nakakatamad mang-okray, hindi ka rin naman perfect

Nakakatamad mangtsismis, pabidahan lang yun nakasakit ka pa ng kapwa

Nakakatamad mag-upload ng pics sa friendster/multiply/facebook, ginawa mu ng harddisk yung site mo

Nakakatamad mag-ppicture, hindi rin naman pinapaprint

Nakakatamad mag-jaywalking, exercise naman ang pagtawid sa footbridge

Nakakatamad manlalake/mambabae, nakakastress. ehe

Nakakatamad magyosi, polluted na nga hangin dadagdagan mo pa

Nakakatamad humingi ng extra baon, pangproject kuno pang lustay lang naman.

Nakakatamad maghintay, siguro dapat may gawin ka na.

May magandang epekto ba ang pagkatamad?

Ayos lang.

tapos na ang isang sem. ayos lang..

nakakalito ang pakirandam ko. ayos lang..

naii imbyerna sa sarili. ayos lang..

masaya sa mga alaalang naitago. ayos lng..

bigla nalang tumatawa. ayos lang..

laging palpak. ayos lang..

daming bagyong dumaan. ayos lang..

wala masyadong stars. ayos lang..

sobrang init sa teresa. ayos lng..

ang bagal ng driver ng bus. ayos lng..

lagi ko nalang naririnig si nicole ayala kahit san ako magpunta. ayos lang..

ang baho ng katabi ko sa bus. ayos lang..

ang kunat ng mani ni manong. ayos lang..

pasaway ate ko. ayos lang..

hinahangin yung buhok ko. ayos lang..

wala akong ipon. ayos lang..

lahat ng check-out ko taken. ayos lang..

may gumagaya na sakin. ayos lang..

umitim man ako lalo. ayos lang..

magka barikus vieins kakabasa ng libro sa fullybooked at iba pang bookstore. ayos lang..

malipat man ng sabado ang FUSION. ayos lang..

daming bulag sa pag ibig. ayos lang..

mamimiss ko dreadlocks nya. ayos lang..

kamusta naman ako. ayos lang..

makornihan ka man. ayos lang..

mawala na si pards. ayos lang..

mabasa man kilikili ko. ayos lang..

mauntog sa ilaw ng jeep. ayos lang..

pamahal man maningil ang mayamy bus. ayos lang..

magkatitigan lang lagi sa mata. ayos lang.

ang mga hiphop na drayber. ayos lang..

matamis na buko ni ate. ayos lang.

walang medyas lagi. ayos lang..

mang basted kahit ayoko. ayos lang..

madapa sa hagdan. ayos lang..

mag sando at tsinelas sa skwela. ayos lang.

mambatok ng mga mongoloid. ayos lang..

mawalan ng cellphone. ayos lang..

magtmpo ang isa dyan. ayos lang..

iuntog ang sarili sa salamin. ayos lang..

marami mang kamukang mokang. ayos lang..

kahit anong gawin nila sakin. ayos lang..

natatake advantage man. ayos lang.

masermonan at pag initan. ayos lang..

sa abot ng aking makakaya sa pag alala ng isang semestrengnakalipas at sa abot ngmakakaya ng pagbayad ko sa pagbayad sa renta ng internet, laht ng nailahad ko ay galing sa nilalaman ng king puso’t ispan.ayos lang.. marahil sa pagtanggap ko sa laht ng bagay na king ntatnggap ng walang alinlangan. may permiso ito lahat ng Maykapal t lhat ng ito ay may dahilan. dahil dito. unti unting nahuhubog ang positibong pag uugali ko. Maraming slamat sa mga ksam sa aking paglalakbay

Ayos lang..

conditional update

*cough cough*

what are you expecting to hear from me?


what i love about freehand drawing is that there are no patterns and no traces, you just have to draw with your controllable hand and sketch from draft and exercise your craft . from there..you are free to explore and do something on your own that is unique and genuine leading to a subject you want to achieve.

i just define freehand from my own opinion.


i guess that would simply imply to what I am really thinking right now trying to figure out how to make things straight courageously.

sniff..cough..colds..dust. this things bother me.

i tried to escape, it keeps on coming back.

i thought sleeping all day and water therapy was cure, but it wasn’t

thanks to the bubbly people.
they made me forgot about my bother-y stuff for a moment.

ok then, this is a conditional update of my conditional sickness.


*cough cough*
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