Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rock For Peace

Advocating peace for the nation brought to you by the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process. The rock concert was held at Eastwood City Libis last Thursday. Again, the place was jam packed with young pros and students. A night for rock genre promoting Original Pilipino Music's genuinity.

Hosted by Tado and girl Dj

Franco Reyes  
FRANCO performs undeniably sensational.

URBANDUB ended the night gracefully

Here are the other artists who performed that night;

The night was a blast. You can really feel the rock spirit. The event was a manifestation of the youth's hyper vibe unified for peace through Rock Music.

Rock for Peace is Satisfaction Guaranteed! :)


*I will update this blog soon along with the other fantastic photos.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Party like no other this October first

Going to gigs, partying and hanging out with friends is part of the lifestyle of the youth today. From there, we get a chance to meet new people, new identities and new influences affecting the way we live our lives.

Are we surrounded with the right group of influence?

CREW is apart from the flow of what the world gives. The Christians Radically Effecting the Word’s passion is to capture the essence of radical holiness within every individual. We are driven to live with purpose deeply rooted to the truth of God’s Word. Continually growing and answering the call God placed in our hearts to bring people in His kingdom and lead them to true freedom, let them feel loved and experience life to its fullest with purpose.

Expanding our horizon to reach you, we are heading to the North!

CREW is launching FUSION service at its new location 2nd level Ever Gotesco Commonwealth making it much more accessible to you.

Party like no other this October first!
Start your October right this Saturday October 1, 2010 happening at Ever Gotesco Commonwealth.
Admission is for FREE.
For more details visit us on Facebook.

See you there!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Holding hands

Holding hands is commonly known as a gesture of affection or a form of physical intimacy that involves two people holding each others hand with fingers intertwined. It can be taken casually or seriously depends on the persons involved and the situation they are in. For some, it only means they are comfortable to each other, shows fondness, comfort, care, love or a sign of security that no one can set them apart.

It's also one of the common types of Public Display of Affection (PDA), that you can always see wherever you go such as malls, streets, elevator and parks.

But on the other side, it’s also being done by individuals, locking their fingers together tightly and solely, holding on their grip intimately hoping for good things to happen, seizing a miracle, seeking for true freedom, longing for love and forgiveness from God through praying
Can you do this as your PDA?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Pepe as Japanese Gangstah

Aside from missing the people with grounded uniqueness of personalities and diverse character of each individual that I worked with -from artists, proofreaders, writers to team leaders, I also missed the weekday costume events at Yell Adworks.

Friday, September 16, 2011

SOCK eet!

Wearing socks was not my priority at all not until I found these pictures that can easily lift any outfit. Don't be afraid to play with colors with your flattering flats, plain platforms and favorite shoes. Just make sure it matches and compliments the color of your clothes.

Here are some inspirational pictures on how to SOCK-eet!

happy socking.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If only mind could talk...

I will be one of the noisiest women alive. 

This happens to me during travel times especially on the bus or wherever you see my face blank.
I am more observant to things that are extremely interesting like the three blonde kids flock together like birds. Even the not so interesting things like the busted light on the street sign, a slipper left in the middle of the highway, random posters of shampoo ads, or ads with smiling models with blackened tooth, or sloppy graffiti catches my attention. 

When I was in college, our professor told us to keep on looking at the billboard ads. It’s a mind exercise for advertising students which allows you to get familiar about creating one, knowing what’s missing and how to improve it. 

Surrounded with numerous ads on the road makes my average 10,000 words in a day wasted. These things were not insults or whatever, just opinions.

What do you get from that?
New ideas.

It can be good or bad, can be inspiring or not.
Just let your mind flow and discover what your creative mind could do.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

whereabout sandals

I was so interested with this sandals and I just dont know where to find it.
It was like at first sight  
when I saw this eye catching comfy sandals from a foreign guy during Meiday at Cubao Expo.
 This whereabout sandals is so wearable.
Now I am wishing for one. :)

Friday, September 09, 2011

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Top 10 favorable things

At work, I keep on writing top rated products, top tips, top advice, top recommended brands and everything on top including cherries. lols. One hiatus moment before writing, I came to realize to create mine this time.

1.Vanilla Ice cream
I dont know how vanilla ice cream easily revamps my mood and brings me to spring time while white chocolate bars with almonds brings me to summer.

Seems to be one of the significant things that is necessary for birthdays to make it a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
It gives me a light feeling that signifies freedom and happiness.

Although my favorite color is purple, seeing colorful stuffs combined like these easily caught my attention.
Wear anything with colors and be noticed.

Is only a shape were many quotations are made.They say people who likes stars are idealistic.
I guess I am but it doesn't apply to all things. I just want anything related to stars.

 4.Playing the guitar
Is a sacred thing for me. It is my devotion for my Saviour and Refuge. As a matter of fact, Durango (name of my guitar) has been with me since I was 14.

5.Taking photographs
 I am passionately in love taking images. Its just amazing how simple photos can easily bring you to that place and moment, mentally. It started as a hobby, a hobby turned into passion then turned into career. Taking portraits of different people is my major.

6.Messy hair
Maybe an excuse for those who are lazy combing their hair or taking much time in the mirror was not a priority. But a natural, spring colored, soft wavy curls and laid down hair on like what the hippies and bohemians have is a gift. Embrace messy hair but not smelly hair.

The shoes defines your character. Based on my opinion Chucks are said to be for rockers, Stilettos are for chics, Running shoes for sporty, Loafers for workaholics, Flats for comfort-freak, Pumps for posh, Platforms for the artists. Just buy shoes when you see yourself wearing it. 

8. Keeping scriptures
Devote time for meditation everyday. It is more than a power nap can do. It does not only makes your day, it makes your LIFE. Always be on your track and be reminded of God's promises.

 9.Writing random things
My handy dandy notebook is almost full of random thoughts. This hobby helps me to achieve what I am right now. From poems, preaching, cries, wishes, hopes, drafts, quotes to whatever gives me inspiration. I write it all.

10.Listening to contemporary, indie, ambient music
Allows you go to the largest nation called IMAGINATION.

Hope you enjoyed it. Share yours too. :)

Thursday, September 01, 2011

the key to life

Hold on to instruction,
do not let it go.

GUARD it well,
for it is your LIFE.

-Proverbs 4:13
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